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    Nov 7, 2014

    23 Adorably Bundled-Up Dogs Of Instagram

    So many dog jackets.

    1. This Weimaraner who just can't believe it's jacket season already.

    2. This Corgi who's never going to be cold ever again with this furry winter coat.

    3. This Chihuahua who was too sleepy to take off his tiny hoodie.

    4. This Pekingese who has mastered the bundled-up smize.

    5. This mini Poodle who's ready for an outdoor adventure.

    6. This pup who's bringing plaid back.

    7. This German Shepherd's #OOTD.

    8. This fashionista who's tucking the tag in so he can return it after one wear.

    9. This French Bulldog whose hood might be just a little too big.

    10. This Pug who's so snuggly she couldn't possibly go out in the cold right now.

    11. This Chihuahua who's coordinating with her human's pants AND furniture.

    12. This adorable Frenchie who is just too photogenic.

    13. This pug who was bundled up before it was cool.

    14. This Cocker Spaniel who is bringing the shirt-jacket to a whole new level.

    15. This Frenchie who's really into her hand-knitted sweater.

    16. This Chihuahua who's aiming to be the green version of Santa Claus.

    17. This Pomerenian with matching jacket and booties.

    18. This Italian Greyhound who's ready for your ugly sweater party.

    19. And this one who's ready for the classy sweater party.

    20. This Sheltie who put a flower on it.

    21. This Chihuahua who's going just a little goth.

    22. This cutie who's ready for stormy weather.

    23. And this Chihuahua who definitely just had a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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