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    21 Foolproof Ways To Instagram A Chestnut Praline Latte

    Everyone STAY CALM and keep Instagramming.

    1. The "bagel and latte" morning Instagram.

    2. The "he's old enough, right?" Instagram.

    3. The classic "red cup" selfie.

    4. The "I'm gonna need a walk after this" Instagram.

    5. The "shoes and coffee Insta connection" photo.

    6. The "is that the side of your car?" Instagram.

    7. The "let them eat cake pops" Instagram.

    8. The "double-fisting seasonal lattes" Instagram.

    9. The "no hands" Instagram.

    10. The "holding Starbucks in front of a decorative shrub" Instagram.

    11. The "sibling Starbucks venture" selfie.

    12. The "sunset, #nofilter" Praline Latte.

    13. And the "heavily edited, #definitelyfiltered" Instagram.

    14. The "we made eight of these just for this promotional image" Instagram.

    15. The "stocking up for my coworkers" Instagram.

    16. The "fashion-blogging the shit out of this" Instagram.

    17. The "parking lot praline frap" Instagram.

    18. The "Starbucks-fueled stroke of insight" Instagram.

    19. The "Home For The Holidays screenshot" Instagram.

    20. The "total chestnut overload" latte Instagram.

    21. The "Christmas-meets-fall extravaganza" Instagram.

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