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21 Faces All Single People Will Immediately Recognize

"At least there's no one to distract me from finishing this pizza!"

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1. When you see someone cute but don't know what to say to them.

PBS / Via

2. And then find out they're already seeing someone.

Pixar / Via

3. When work is over and all that stands between you and Netflix is public transportation.

CN / Via

4. When you arrive at an event and discover it's all couples.

Sony Pictures / Via

5. When you get a weird message on OKCupid.

ABC / Via

6. When you realize you're the last single person in your friend group.

PBS / Via

7. When you see couples wearing matching outfits.

Temple Hill Entertainment / Via

8. When your relatives ask you if you're dating.

Taylor Swift Vevo / Via

9. When you're listening to other peoples' relationship drama.

Pixar / Via

10. When you can't possibly imagine attending another wedding, until you notice the open bar note on the invitation.

Village Roadshow Pictures / Via

11. When you're home alone and you choke on some food and then start thinking about mortality.

FOX / Via

12. When you see on Facebook that someone younger than you is engaged.

NBC / Via

13. "Oh you should meet my friend, they'd be perfect for you!"

NBC / Via

14. When someone you're attracted to actually matches with you on Tinder.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

15. When your ex walks into the party.

ABC / Via

16. When you're trying to choose between two different outfits for a date.

Nickelodeon / Via

17. And when the other person cancels at the last minute.

Taylor Swift Vevo / Via

18. When you're trying to flirt.

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19. When the people you went out with ditch you and spend the whole evening grinding in a corner.

MTV / Via

20. When you're heading home alone and you see the warm light of your local Taco Bell BUT they just closed.


21. When someone tells you they miss being single.


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