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The Best Of #HistoricalRealityShow

"Here comes Netanyahu" coming this Tammuz.

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1. Ain't nobody goat time for that

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Century Goat Herder? #HistoricalRealityShows @midnight

2. At least there's no Josh

Only 19 Kids? #HistoricalRealityShows @midnight

3. Courtney, Chloe, and Cim

Keeping Up With the Carpathians #HistoricalRealityShows @midnight

4. He'll emacipate your ass real fast.

Say Yes To The Gettysburg Address #HistoricalRealityShows @midnight

5. How does Heidi feel about this?

Project Runway #HistoricalRealityShows @midnight

6. More like real BITCH hunts of Salem

Real Witch Hunts of Salem #HistoricalRealityShows @midnight

7. Hosted by Grigori Rasputin

Dancing With the Tsars #HistoricalRealityShows

8. This show would be huge (pox)!

Deadliest Catch of Smallpox #HistoricalRealityShows @midnight

9. Hooray for Women's Suffrage!

So You Think You Can Vote? @midnight #HistoricalRealityShows

10. Torahtally awesome idea for a show!

Here Comes Netanyahu #HistoricalRealityShows @midnight

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