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The Best Of #GrowingUpWithMyName

From Braden to Wael, these are the best of #GrowingUpWithMyName

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1. It's Braden

#GrowingUpWithMyName Brandon, Brendan, Brenton, Aiden, Bayden, Graham, Braedon, Brayden, Bradon... It's Braden 😑

2. This beautiful nickname.

#GrowingUpWithMyName my favorite nickname was "Pee In The Air".

3. White girls

#GrowingUpWithMyName my parents didn't have a Spanish-English dictionary when I was born

4. At least it's not Manischewitz

#GrowingUpWithMyName everyone assumes youre an alcoholic

5. Call me Nothing

"my name is Raeleen" "Riley? "No" "Bailey" "not even close" "Praline?" "ok just call me Nothing" #GrowingUpWithMyName

6. Like the Tin Man.

#GrowingUpWithMyName - Everyone:So its thine? thi-en? Me: No It's just pronounced Tin Everyone: Like the TinMan? Rin Tin Tin? Me: facepalm.

7. Here...

Teacher calling roll: Ben. Kid: Here! Teacher: Lucy. Kid: Present. Teacher: *silent for a moment* Uh... Ca- Me: Here... #GrowingUpWithMyName

8. "Gwant"

#GrowingUpWithMyName and having a speech impediment with pronouncing my r's, ultimately changing my name to "Gwant"

9. Go, Diego, Go!

#GrowingUpWithMyName Everyone asks where Dora is 😒😒

10. "Wael"

#GrowingUpWithMyName everyone thinks I'm a whale.

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