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    33 Unique Gifts From UncommonGoods For Almost Anyone On Your List

    Santa could never.

    1. A hand-poured terrarium candle for the friend who's killed every plant they've ever owned.

    2. A key-hiding rock that'll make the perfect shady gift for your roommate who is always getting locked out of the apartment.

    3. A metal flamingo planter stake, because you can take the girl out of Florida, but you can't take Florida out of the girl.

    4. A mochi ice cream kit so they don't have to share. Everyone knows these soft, ice cream-filled pillows taste better when they're all yours.

    5. A magnetic notebook for your anal friend who hates how messy torn pages look. With this gift, they can easily rearrange pages without the unsightly ripped edges.

    6. A set of personalized socks to remind your forgetful roommate which ones are theirs. You can customize the ankle area (choose up to eight characters) as well across the toes (choose up to 20 characters) with whatever you think they'd like.

    7. A pair of chandelier earrings that slap harder than Sia ever could. Those pops of color are actually recycled pieces of saris, so each pair of earrings is different.

    8. A set of recycled record coasters for the person who will only interrupt their spiel about how music these days sucks to scold you for putting a glass on the table without a coaster.

    9. A row boat serving bowl with wooden serving utensils when you're ~knot~ quite sure what to get them. How ~boat~ it?

    10. A pair of hand-knit mittens to keep their fingers warm and toasty.

    11. The Movie Kama Sutra, a cheeky book that'll teach them a few new moves in the bedroom — and quite possibly ruin their favorite movie.

    12. A color block water bottle for the person who's the opposite of a VSCO girl.

    13. A gardener's tool set that doubles as a stool so the resident green thumb can take breaks.

    14. A pair of headlights, because night starts at approximately 4:30 p.m., but that shouldn't stop them from getting in their usual after-work run.

    15. A swivel cheeseboard with knives, so they can snap the perfect Instagram shot of their charcuterie board.

    16. A pillowcase for your younger siblings and family members (or even a super stressed adult you know) who want to discover new places without ever leaving their beds.

    17. A classy stone sponge holder, because their sponges are currently sitting in a puddle of their own filth.

    18. A grooming kit for the person whose skincare routine currently consists of a bar of soap.

    19. A yoga mat made of recycled wet suits, so they can glide into downward dog without slipping.

    20. A bobby pin necklace that'll help them finally stop losing all their hair pins. Just slide the pins on the bar inside the necklace et voilà!

    21. Do You Look Like Your Dog?, a matching game for the Scorpio who claims to have a photographic memory.

    22. A travel pillow that converts into a scarf to make a frequent flyer's routine red-eyes a little less miserable.

    23. A carry-on cocktail kit to whip up an Old-Fashioned while the rest of the basics on board sip vodka cranberries (no shade!).

    24. A sock monkey blanket, because you can never underestimate the appeal of a cozy gift.

    25. A balloon dog nightlight that'll make them howl with delight.

    26. An oil and vinegar set for the home chef who moonlights as an evil scientist.

    27. A playful sports mug that'll be a slam dunk. Pack it up, boys. Our work here is done.

    28. A smartphone vase to spruce up their nightstand.

    29. A make your own hot sauce kit for the foodie who should really just be making their own condiments at the rate they offer feedback to restaurant servers.

    30. A pet bed shaped like a moccasin that'll finally convince their pets to leave their shoes alone.

    31. A long-distance friendship light so they can let you know they're thinking of you with a simple tap. Make sure you buy them in pairs so you can both communicate!

    32. A set of millennial pink shot glasses made of Himalayan salt for the friend who's convinced that Himalayan salt cures all ailments (someone please tell me if it actually does anything).

    33. A pair of aerating wineglasses to please your picky friend who can always sniff out a gimmick like a sommelier checking for "floral notes."

    You when everyone on your list gets the perfect gift. I guess you're just that good!

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