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    27 Things Under $50 You'll Probably Want To Buy At REI's Anniversary Sale

    Some reasonably priced essentials from REI's biggest sale of the year.

    There's no "I" in "team," but there is one in "REI." Which is to say: You should definitely go ahead and treat yourself to something from the outdoor recreation site's massive Anniversary Sale starting today and running through May 25. We're talking up to 30% off savings on gear and clothing — plus free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

    1. An Arc'teryx cap that'll give you sun protection and moisture management while you exercise outdoors.

    2. A pair of Teva Hurricane XLT Infinity sandals for an excellent cushioned fit.

    Side view of sandal with pink straps and gray base

    3. A Patagonia striped pocket tee made of hemp and cotton to keep cool in the scorching heat.

    Pastel striped short sleeve tee front view

    4. A Columbia packable windbreaker for some protection from rain, winds, and UV rays.

    5. An REI Co-op Nalgene that'll bring you some inner-peace, or at least try to.

    Yellow-tinted Nalgene with illustration of sun and peace sign fingers

    6. A pair of active pants you'll want to wear on the trails, on the tread, or even just for lounging around the home.

    7. A Nike Dri-FIT fitness bra for a nice compression fit while staying active.

    Black sport bra with Nike swoosh logo across

    8. A super-soft Rhone tee you'll want to throw on for your yoga workouts.

    Teal short sleeve tee paired with gray active pants

    9. A performance mobility kit to provide targeted pressure relief on your minor aches and pains.

    Orange textured foam roller with yellow massage ball next to it

    10. A waterproof fleece-lined Columbia jacket made for optimal outdoor performance.

    A seafoam green zip up jacket from frontview

    11. A pair of mid-rise leggings for just about any physical activity — bonus for its moisture-wicking properties!

    12. A long-sleeve Under Armour shirt you'll want to cop for its magical, rapid-speed drying.

    Long-sleeve textured blue shirt paired with gray performance pants

    13. An easy-drape tee in a vintage wash to go about your fitness in style.

    Muted pink tee paired with blue leggings

    14. A Brooks Maia sports bra for some "snug-but-comfortable" support as you get that body moving.

    product shot of gray sports bra with full coverage and wide straps

    15. A set of reusable Snow Peak chopsticks that'll collapse for on-the-go use.

    Red carry case with Snow Peak logo and chop sticks next to them

    16. A zip-up fleece jacket for some breathable warmth on an overcast spring evening.

    Gray zip-up fleece paired with black yoga pants

    17. A pair of Columbia trail pants that'll resist stains and water.

    Navy trail pants paired with light blue sneakers and a washed pink top

    18. An Arc'teryx crew-neck tee that's so soft you'll probably just never take it off.

    19. A pair of Patagonia board shorts with quick-drying and stretchy 100% recycled polyester that'll remove the word "chafe" from your life.

    Navy board shorts with tropical floral pattern from the front view

    20. A Norseland V-neck sweater for that perfect relaxed fit in a soft lambswool jersey.

    A grey V-neck sweater paired with blue jeans

    21. A pair of North Face slides with EVA foam soles to give those feet a break already.

    Khaki green slides with North Face logo on cover

    22. A long-sleeved Columbia tee in high-performance fabric if you simply demand that your workout garments include a soft heathering effect.

    23. A merino wool jersey bra you'll want to wear for low-impact support in both sports and casual use.

    24. A pair of Arc'teryx Rho glove liners that'll give you a "next-to-skin fit" — which means that, yes, you can still use your smart phone while you're on the move.

    Black glove liners with Arc'teryx logo upright next to each other

    25. A titanium Snow Peak French press that'll make the perfect camping solution (but also will function just the same around the home).

    Hand using titanium coffee pot next to plunger

    26. A pair of soft and drapey yoga pants for some exceptional comfort and moisture wicking.

    27. And and Arc'teryx sun hat that'll surprisingly fit in your back pocket.

    Blue sun hat from front with black string

    You better get shopping before May 25 — or really, before supplies disappear (so, much sooner). Check out the full collection of on-sale items here.

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