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    17 Things That'll Make Working At Your Desk Dramatically More Comfortable

    Happy holidays to your sore body!

    1. A memory-foam mousepad and keyboard wrist pad to take some stress off your hands (and shoulders!) while typing.

    2. A pair of anti-UV glare glasses if you spend your entire day staring at your computer screen and would like to minimize eye strain.

    3. Or, an anti-glare screen that doubles as a privacy screen so you can experience two forms of comfort simultaneously (no eye strain and no nosey deskmate watching you scroll through Twitter).

    4. A foot hammock for kicking your feet back and helping you de-stress on a particularly hellish workday.

    5. A portable space heater that also has a built-in fan so you are always prepared for whatever temp situation your office throws at you.

    6. A pair of memory-foam armrest pads you won't realize how much you needed until you give 'em a go.

    7. A rolling, height-adjustable work station that'll give you the option of standing or sitting throughout the day.

    8. Or, commit to standing with a shockingly durable cardboard standing desk.

    9. A anti-fatigue comfort mat to cut your feet some slack while you Slack all day.

    10. An ergonomic "handshake" mouse that'll take strain off your arms and effortlessly scroll without much pressure required.

    11. A metal plant stand and bamboo tray to encourage you to start building your indoor garden — because plants have scientifically proven calming properties, after all.

    12. An essential oil diffuser and cool-mist humidifier if you sometimes feel like you're suffocating in your dry, poorly ventilated office.

    13. An orthopedic memory-foam cushion that'll alleviate back pain and make your butt very happy.

    14. A deep-kneading, heated foot massager, because — live your best life! — who's looking under your desk anyway?

    15. A back pillow for your office chair with two adjustable straps that'll make you never look back after trying.

    16. An LED desk light with five color modes and six brightness levels to fit your environment so your eyes will never have to do more work than they need to.

    17. And a bike-chain fidget toy for reducing stress and anxiety while increasing overall focus.

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