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    The Best Places To Buy Eco-Friendly Products

    From "trash tees" to reusable swabs, these companies are doing their part to offset our wasteful practices.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Facts: Our oceans are filled with trash. Global warming is a real and imminent existential threat. And, we — you! me! anyone reading BuzzFeed lists for crying out loud! — are unfortunately those who must reverse centuries' worth of harm via wasteful and toxic practices.

    Comedy Central / Via That starts with being a more conscious consumer and asking the question "how and where was this item made?"

    It's overwhelming and a little but unfair but, haha, that is life, right? One way to make it all seem more manageable is to break it down into smaller actionable steps. Step One: asking the question "how and where was this made?" with every item you choose to spend your money on.

    Below, are a handful of brands we believe are doing their part to be environmentally-conscious, global citizens:

    1. Food52 offers a handful of design-y, millennial-focused home goods that have never made sustainability look so grammable.


    Products include: silicone straws, food savers, reusable food wrap, silicone cupcake molds, and more.

    Why we like it: Food52 features a well-curated list of brands as well as its own in-house brand Five Two that speak to our current moment.

    Get the reusable Bee's Wrap (left) for $18+ (available in four designs) or the silicone straws pack (right) for $25.

    2. offers a "Trash Collection" made of 100% recycled cotton jersey and fleece.

    Everybody World

    Products include: sweatpants, tees, shorts, hoodies, and scrunchies.

    Why we like it: In case you haven't heard, we have a major trash problem. is doing its part by using and processing the fiber scraps that most brands dump during production and making beautiful, vintage-washed leisure wear with them.

    Get the Trash Tee sampler multipack for $85 (left; includes three tees; available in three colors) and the 100% sweatpants for $84 (right; available in XS-XL and in five colors).

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    3. Patagonia has made environmental activism part and parcel with its fashion operations — which has no doubt contributed to its widespread popularity on the trails and in urban environments alike.


    Products include: Fleeces, technical packs/gear, tees, swimwear, workwear, and more.

    Why we like it: Patagonia is setting the bar for what activism in the fashion industry can look like. They're not afraid to take a stand against the president, they donate to environmental nonprofits through 1% For the Planet, and connect the community with grantees so that they can pursue important environmental causes.

    Get the Men's Micro Puff Hoody (pictured) for $149.50+ (available in XS-XXL and in six colors)

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    4. Goodee is an "ethical design shop," meaning that every featured brand must first meet their high standards for supply-chain, labor, and ecological footprint.


    Products include: wallpaper, blankets, furniture, lamps, and more.

    Why we like it: This curated marketplace proves that you really *can* have it all — not just high design but guilt-free consumption.

    Get the Piippu Slow Brewer (pictured) from Skagerak for $169.

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    5. Humankind helps you reduce your single-use plastics with beautiful, reusable grooming vessels and science-backed formulas that feel great on your body.


    Products include: deodorant, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, cotton swabs, and more

    Why we like it: Humankind is taking our plastic crisis seriously and thinking ahead. Instead of investing in recycling, the company is finding ways to avoid plastic consumption altogether. Also: Free shipping!

    Get the deodorants (pictured) for $12 (available in rosemary-mint, coconut, and in unscented and in four colors).

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    6. Olderbrother uses only natural dyes on a carefully selected group of natural materials (organic cottons from Japanese farms, wool and woven rice paper, linen from Japanese flax fields).


    Products include: chore coats, tie-dye tees, corduroy shorts, blazers, trousers, jeans, and more.

    Why we like it: Clothing is tailored to fit people of all gender identities.

    Get the howdy shirt for $275 (available in sizes XXS-XXL), howdy blazer for $495 (available in sizes XXS-XXL).

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    7. LastSwab makes a compelling case for ditching cotton swabs and buds (all polluting the oceans) at long last.

    Last Swab

    Products include: swabs (beauty or basic) and tissues (available for pre-order).

    Why we like it: The swabs can withhold up to 1,000 uses and just require some soap and warm-water as a disinfectant. Name one person who enjoys using a cotton swab.

    Get the LastSwab for $12 (available in 18 colors).

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    8. Blueland offers cleaning solutions that are not only super effective and delightful to smell but also are a big step toward reducing ocean pollution and the serious threat to the health of humans and animals.


    Products include: hand soap, multi-surface, and glass cleaner kits.

    Why we like it: You never have to throw out a bottle again (it's acrylic and can survive a few fumbles and drops over the years) and solutions are incredibly easy to make by dropping the tablets into water.

    Get the hand soap refill packs (left) for $6+ (for three; available in six scents) and the glass + mirror starter set (right) for $12.

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    9. Paper Culture vows to plant a tree (where reforestation is most needed) every single time you place an order for one of their colorful paper goods.

    Paper Culture

    Products include: stationery, wedding invites, menus, table cards, and more.

    Why we like it: Paper Culture is thinking globally and working with organizations like Trees For The Future, Urban Forest, Our City Forest, Arbor Day Foundation, and on reforestation. They've planted over one million trees to date. That's impact!

    Get the "Painted Boundary" thank you card for $1.87 (or $93.60 for 50).

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    10. Dropps gives you some peace of mind while you run your clothing through the wash.


    Products include: laundry detergent pods, dish detergent pods, odor defense spray, laundry bags, and dryer balls.

    Why we like it: Pods — it's a lifestyle! Detergents are made with sensitive skin in mind. You have the option of doing a one-time purchase or hopping on a "subscription wash" plan. Free carbon-neutral shipping is available.

    Get the Stain & Odor Laundry Detergent Pods for $28+ (available in single, couple, or family loads).

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    11. Pela has a generous supply of plastic-free phone cases and donates 5% of total sales to an environmental charity.


    Products include: phone cases, airpod cases, sunglasses, and screen protectors.

    Why we like it: The cases are completely compostable and the screen protectors are zero-waste. They've raised over $125,000 through 1% For The Planet partners.

    Get a Pela Case for $36+ (available in 12 classic colors or engraved options).

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    12. Keap sells sustainable, coconut-wax candles in a nice glass that you can return to the company for re-use.


    Products include: candle scents like wild figs, wood cabin, grapefruit/yuzu, lavender/petals, and more.

    Why we like it: Keap's packaging is 100% plastic-free and you can sign up to have candles sent to you on a monthly basis as part of their reduced-price subscription service. Oh, and the scent profiles are spot on!

    Get an individual candle from Keap for $49 (or $39 as a monthly subscription; available in eight scents).

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    13. Zero Waste Store wrangles the best of everything from health and beauty items to cleaning products to pet-care, all with the promise of "no waste" (ocean friendly, all natural, sustainably sourced, palm oil free).

    Zero Waste Store

    Products include: cleaning, hair care, home, kitchen, makeup, and more.

    Why we like it: The best brands (Bee's Wrap, Eco Bags, Stasher) in one place. Free zero-waste and plastic-free shipping on all orders of $35+.

    Get the Sunshine Shampoo Bar for $14 and the Vegan Dish Washing Block for $5.99+.

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    14. Nécessaire is an inclusive body and sex care company with a wealth of sustainable goods you can feel good applying to your body.

    Products include: deodorant, body lotion, wash, serum, exfoliator, lubricant, and more.

    Why we like it: They use 85% post-consumer waste boxes and 100% recyclable paper for their boxes and shippers. Plus, they only work with FSC-certified vendors and avoid virgin forest materials at all costs."

    Get the deodorant (pictured) for $20.

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    15. Noah, the Brendon Babenzien-helmed menswear label, cares for hypebeasts and Mother Nature in equal measure.


    Products include: men's tees, tops, trousers, hats, bags, and more.

    Why we like it: Like Pela, Noah has also partnered with 1% For The Planet. For 2020, they are focusing on ocean health, donating to four charities — Marine Stewardship Council, Mote Marine Lab, Save the Great South Bay, and Shark Stewards. Their recycled cotton tee collection is made up of beautiful 6.5-ounce heavyweight jersey short-sleeve and long-sleeve options.

    Get the Corduroy Adjustable Work Pant (pictured) for $228 (available in sizes 26-36 and in five colors).

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    16. Stojo caters to city-slickers on the go and is committed to converting the world at large to reusable drinking vessels.


    Products include: cups, bottles, straws, and heat sleeves.

    Why we like it: The company estimates that one Stojo purchase saves 16 pounds of solid waste. Each Stojo is meant to last a lifetime. The company is currently partnering with Lonely Whale through 1% For The Planet.

    Get the 20 oz bottle for $25 (available in 16 colors).

    Read more about the company's mission here.

    17. Fohm offers an alternative to flushable wipes so you can reduce your TP use and avoid releasing micro-plastics into waterways — you simply dispense their foaming solution on your TP which you already have (well, hopefully, anyway) and voila!


    Products include: cleansing fluid and foaming dispenser

    Why we like it: The cleanser is made for sensitive skin, and it's more hygienic than using a box of wipes. The setup is unfussy (chic, even) and doesn't bring unnecessary attention to your butt-wiping habits.

    Get the toilet-top dispenser starter pack for $49 (includes solution, dispenser, and rechargeable batteries).

    18. And Sustain Natural offers innovative solutions to bypass single-use period and sex periods using fair-trade, vegan, and organic materials.

    Products include: tampons, pads, liners, period cups, condoms, lube, body wash, and oil.

    Why we like it: The latex used in their condoms is sourced from the only Fair Rubber certified plantation in the world. All products are made with no synthetics, fragrances, or super absorbent polymers.

    Get the personal lubricant for $12.95 and the ultra-thin condoms for $13.95 (for a 10-pack).

    Read more about the company's mission here.

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