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    23 Things That'll Help You Start Off 2020 On The Right Foot

    Good vibes in the new year.

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    1. A multifunctional (and much beloved) Simple Elephant planner to stay on top of your daily obligations.

    2. A subscription to Care/Of — a personalized, monthly vitamin plan — if one of your resolutions in the new year is to start investing more in your long-term health.

    3. A "disgustingly effective" set of sticky-stake insect traps to finally address the leaf damage and reproductive issues stemming from pesky gnats, thrips, and fruit flies.

    4. A poop bag carrier that makes the idea of daily dog walks sound a lot less shitty — and achieves the unthinkable: poop bags as Fashion.

    5. Digit, an automated savings-plan app that analyzes your spending and sets aside money to go towards overdraft cushioning, paying off debt, and building a safety fund.

    6. A pack of god-sent tongue scrapers to remove plaque and bacteria buildup you've been ignoring.

    7. A special organization system for your keys (and mail) if you've vowed to stop getting locked out of your apartment all the time.

    8. The Big Book of 30-Day Challenges, which presents 60 "habit-forming" plans — spanning all areas of your life — with real, tangible impact.

    9. A ClassPass membership for access to a network of fitness studios around the globe because you're trying to get ripped in 2020.

    10. A pair of noise-cancelling Anker headphones to tune out side-chatter and be a whole lot more productive in the office.

    11. An unfussy, slim-fit iPhone 7/8 case if you want to avoid a frantic trip to the Genius Bar later in the year.

    12. A miracle-working air purifier to alleviate your allergies and zap all the nasty odors lingering around your house that you've been trying to ignore for the last year.

    13. A carpet spot remover that is sort of beyond belief — so I'll just let you admire these wild before-and-after shots.

    14. A pack of reusable stainless-steel straws so you can say, "New year, new sea turtle ally."

    15. A countertop garden and seed kit that'll get you excited about making a home-cooked meal when you get home from work.

    16. A "things to do around the house" pad because there are bound to be days when your list of chores feels unmanageable.

    17. A 2020 New Yorker cartoon calendar to start every day with a high-brow chuckle.

    18. A pack of cleaning tablets for your water bottle if you've been irked by musty odors and suspicious-looking residue in the past but do want to start drinking more water.

    19. And an infusion pitcher to go the extra mile with your hydration plan for 2020.

    20. A clean/dirty magnet for your dishwasher so there's never any confusion over the status of the dishes.

    21. A five-piece set of air containers that'll save you time rummaging through baggies to find your dry food.

    22. A pack of S-shaped pant hangers if you're tired of pulling out your pants from your drawer in the morning and finding that they're completely crinkled. (Or are just looking to make some room in your closet.)

    23. And a four-part drawer organizer, because half the battle of getting out the door every morning is finding your other sock.

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