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    27 Products You Need If You Have A Tiny Kitchen

    Or, if you don't have a tiny kitchen (congrats) but want to save some space.

    1. An expandable shelf that you can put in your cabinets or on your kitchen counter to make use of vertical space.

    2. A geometric wine rack, which will give you the opportunity to show off your love of artful stacking and your discerning taste in vino.

    3. A 20-piece stackable dinnerware set so you're always prepared for a last-minute potluck but not taking up unnecessary space until then.

    4. And a set of stackable Hasami Porcelain mugs that are straight out of your minimalism dreams (assuming you have those).

    5. A three-piece glass mixing bowl set ideal for baking (you can see all the contents through the clear casing) and for storage (it nests!).

    6. A fold-down kitchen table/desk to create some much-coveted standing room for guests.

    7. A wooden utility board that comes in handy for a wide range of purposes (storing kitchen utensils and office supplies, displaying plants, and so forth) — the world is your oyster.

    8. An upright spiral fruit basket that gives you art *and* smart vertical storage in one shiny package.

    9. Or an under-the-cabinet fruit hammock, if you want to avoid using counter space altogether.

    10. A rack stand that fits 18 of your spices, which will either encourage you to declutter your kitchen or buy 18 spices.

    11. A set of nesting storage containers can finally give you a reason to consolidate your cupboard storage and toss any orphan lids.

    12. A floating shelf to give some of your most-reached-for items a home (that is not the countertops or on top of your fridge).

    13. A set of ridged, stackable glasses that'll beat lining your entire cupboard with single glasses.

    14. A tip-out tray for your cleaning supplies, if you have those false drawers under your sink that aren't pulling much weight.

    15. A wineglass rack that can make use of the space underneath your cabinets while always keeping your precious stemware at arm's reach.

    16. A folding kitchen cart, because you could really use some extra meal-prep space but also want that space back as soon as you're done.

    17. A magnetic nesting utensil set (including a slotted spatula, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, solid spoon, and ladle) that you'll cling to.

    18. A bamboo salad bowl with a lid that doubles as a cutting board, because you deserve a contraption to handle all stages of salad prep.

    19. A four-piece cooking set that'll streamline your home-cooked meals in addition to clearing space in your cupboards.

    20. A three-tier cooling rack, because your limited counter space should never stand between you and the many baked goods you intend to make.

    21. An expandable under-the-sink organizer you'll be able to assemble without a sweat.

    22. A clip-on colander, because there's truly no reason for a standard, single-function colander to take up that much space.

    23. A magnetic organization rack, for when you've used up all your shelves but still need a spot for your paper towels and odds and ends.

    24. A two-tier storage shelf that'll teach you to stop cutting corners and use your kitchen corners.

    25. A pack of snappable trivet rings to protect your surfaces from hot pots and pans.

    26. An under-shelf drying rack, so you don't have to use the kitchen counter — or ever forget where you put your go-to mug for your morning joe.

    27. And a pull-out bin that you can clip onto your fridge shelves to create space you didn't even know you had.

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