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    20 Gifts Under $10 That Are Actually Pretty Impressive

    And many more on channel four.

    1. A literary-themed cocktail kit to really mix things up.

    2. An attachable ring light for that friend of yours on a lifelong quest for that perfect thirst trap.

    3. A googly-eye planter that they won't be able to keep their eyes off of.

    4. A crystal-growing toy tree if you feel like going out on a limb and gifting them a science experiment.

    5. A Dollar Shave Starter Kit that'll shave hours off your search for the perfect gift.

    6. A bike-chain bottle opener to marry their two paramount interests: biking and beer.

    7. A mirrored bookmark, a chic alternative to the bodega receipt they've been using to hold their spot.

    8. A measuring cup and spoon set that you can hopefully parlay into some free food.

    9. An avocado slicer for the person who is always coming dangerously close to chopping off their fingers while prepping avocados.

    10. A glass wine decanter that's just the right amount of classy and, well, money.

    11. A tangle-free cord organizer, because, truth be told, there is no greater gift you can give someone than untangling their beloved headphones.

    12. A photo mobile for a new and interesting way to show off their favorite memories or pieces of inspiration.

    13. Or, an acrylic block frame to turn those photos into a piece of modern art.

    14. A Le Creuset egg cup for an instant upgrade to their breakfast presentation.

    15. A pack of wiener-dog corn holders that'll finally make them understand what a corn dog is.

    16. A 12-piece stencil kit for the person who is just dipping their toes into the world of bullet journaling.

    17. A set of ribbed mugs they'll wind up using every day (and, in turn, think of you every day).

    18. A Nickelodeon pint glass that embodies the paradox that is your friend: adult but a kid at heart.

    19. A gochujang Sriracha for whenever they get a craving for a sweet and spicy kick.

    20. And a box of "edible anus" chocolates (self-explanatory), if your love language is gag-gifting.

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