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    35 Organization Products That'll Make Living With Roommates Bearable

    Because a passive-aggressive text will only get you so far.

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    1. A 10-piece set of airtight containers that'll inspire you to toss out all the bags cluttering your kitchen shelves — and finally ask your roommate if he still wants those Milano cookies that expired in 2016.

    2. A pull-out organizer to tidy up all of the stray pots, pans, and lids collecting dust around the apartment.

    3. A wall shelf that'll double as a dry erase board, so you can leave passive-aggressive notes like "Noticed the kitchen trash is gettin' pretty full! :)"

    4. Or a stylish peg message board that incorporates hand-drawn typography to turn your reminder into a work of art.

    5. Nordic baskets with handles you can store odds and ends in. The best part: Each basket has a dry erase label so you'll always know where everything is.

    6. Speaking of dry erase: a shatter-resistant food storage container you'll be able to label, so your roommates never accidentally toss your food again.

    7. A double laundry hamper for the bathroom so you won't have to catch a whiff of any more mildew-y towels. (Try designating a bag for each roommate!)

    8. Mini suede pouches that'll help you consolidate grooming products and decipher whose stuff is whose.

    9. A sheet metal stool to hide any communal books and blankets inside of — or use as a piece of furniture when your roommates bring over guests.

    10. A coffee table that'll fold up to reveal an excellent storage unit for magazines and electronics.

    11. A magnetic dishwasher sign for clearing up any confusion over whether the dishes are clean or dirty.

    12. Or, if you're not a lucky dishwasher owner: a large dish rack with an adjustable drain tray to simplify your hand-washing system.

    13. Color-coordinated soap dishes that'll ensure you don't use your roommate's soap by mistake. Never again.

    14. A hanging desk organizer, so that everyone's miscellaneous items won't turn up under couch cushions.

    15. A pinewood and steel wine rack that'll hold 28 bottles, so you can free up some precious counter space. (And lose a bit of floor space — but who cares? Not you. You are now a person who owns a very sophisticated, industrial wine rack.)

    16. Or a mountable cubic storage unit for your bottles, if your walls are looking a little lonely and/or you don't have any free floor space.

    17. A rolling shoe rack that'll fit under tiny spaces — a much more efficient system than flinging your shoes off at the door.

    18. And a shoe-drying mat so everyone doesn't leave a trail of snow and dirt during the winter months.

    19. Or, some sophisticated linen storage boxes with drop-front access that'll make everyone's shoes the focal point of the room.

    20. A set of four tiny storage houses, because sometimes it takes a village to keep an apartment organized.

    21. A bin the exact size of a standard paper grocery bag to make taking the recycling out a breeze.

    22. Tody, a handy app that lets you divvy up household tasks — like taking the recycling out! — and "check in" to claim them. Almost like...a fun game.

    23. A couch armrest organizer, so you'll never have to text your roommates "where the remote at?" ever again.

    24. An over-the-door shower caddy that'll keep your grooming supplies from mingling with your roommates'.

    25. And a tension corner pole with four adjustable baskets to do just the same — but in your shower.

    26. A vertical bike rack classy enough that you might not mind having a bike prominently displayed in your communal space.

    27. An over-the-cabinet hair dryer caddy that'll create easy access and eliminate shelf clutter for your roommates.

    28. A wooden rolling cart you can use for practically any household items. For extra credit: You can designate a shelf for each roommate.

    29. A storage tower to make owning a pet much, much easier by allowing you hands-free access (there's a foot pedal!) to an eight-pound food bin and organizing your leashes and bags along hooks inside.

    30. A three-hole desk organizer from Chip and Joanna that'll fix up — or at least divert your attention from — the trash den that is your shared space.

    31. An eight-pack of color-coded cable ties so your roommate doesn't accidentally take your laptop charger with them to work, leaving you with 12% battery for the day.

    32. A mini medicine cabinet with a lock, in case your roommates are super shady and/or you are super shady.

    33. An eye-teaser of a stand that'll finally give everyone's umbrella the home it deserves.

    34. A chic letter holder to organize all of the incoming mail —including the letters that belong to the tenant who never changed her mailing address after moving three years ago.

    35. A knife block drawer insert, because you keep stabbing yourself on the knives your roommates leave haphazardly in the drawer.

    You and your roommate living together in harmony at last:

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