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    I'm Mad At You For Not Owning This Multipurpose Folding Table

    Table whatever you're doing right now and buy this dang table.

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    So, you just agreed to host a potluck at your apartment. Wow, look at you go! Let the good times roll! Moments later, it hits: Oh right — your apartment is 1) barely big enough to accommodate yourself and 2) you don't have any available surface space for your friends to eat off.


    SOS. Y'all like eating BBQ chips on the floor?

    Before you get cold feet on your guests, please consider this exceptional multipurpose center-folding table — a must for anyone doing their best to be a good host while living in tight quarters.

    The 6-foot rectangular folding table is stain-proof (so you don't have to watch over your tipsiest friend like a hawk) as well as impact- and scratch-resistant. Not into setting up shop inside your cramped apartment? This table is also completely waterproof, making at an ideal option for outdoor dining. Plus: It comes with a locking mechanism and handle for an extremely smooth haul when the time comes to fold this thing back up and store it in a closet.

    Because this table folds flat at its center, you'll only need to worry about fitting a 3-foot object in your storage closet — rather than a whopping 6-footer.,

    "Love that this table folds in the center without being wobbly. It is sturdy, easy to clean, and takes up minimal storage. It's close to 2 inches when folded." —Jacob and Kiki Hantla

    Don't trust me? Take it from the 1,000-plus Amazon customers who felt strongly enough about A FOLDING TABLE to file a five-star review.,

    "Love these. We ordered three for a recent birthday party but they have come in incredibly handy for a number of parties and events since then. This is one of those items you keep telling yourself, 'Hmmm.... I should buy but.... ehhh.... when am I ever going to use it again?' Well trust me, once you get these you'll suddenly find yourself with a number uses you never anticipated. The surface is almost perfectly flat when in use and the ability to fold these in half for easy storage is also complemented by the locking mechanism and the convenient handle." —Daniel J. Noah

    "I use these tables at LAN (local area network) parties and BBQs all the time; they look great and are durable. I would highly recommend these to any people looking for a sturdy table that can take a beating, bear some weight, and look good." —Nick Lannan

    "Easy to fold up, store, and carry. Good quality and sturdy construction. Works great for family parties and seats up to six people comfortably." —Mtrotto

    Which is all to say: Even if you don't have a hosting obligation around the corner, this no-frills, easy-storage table may be exactly the encouragement you need to boost your social calendar.


    Just imagine how many casseroles you can fit on this thing.

    Get it from Amazon for $61.40 (also available in 18 other sizes and shapes).

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