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    16 Of The Most Difficult Puzzles You Can Get Online

    Challenge accepted.

    1. A gradient puzzle for experiencing the full spectrum of joy that is puzzle-making.

    2. A "Hoffman rug"-patterned puzzle, because if spending my evenings hunched over a piece of important architectural history from the '50s is wrong then I don't want to be Frank Lloyd Wright.

    3. A "pure white hell" puzzle if what you're craving is straight up masochism.

    4. A sphere-shaped puzzle that'll give you a stunning rainbow ombre to stare at when you're all done.

    5. An intergalactic puzzle that'll launch your wig inter outer space.

    6. A rainbow puzzle you'll definitely lose your marbles over.

    7. A twisty geode puzzle that promises to "bend your mind" — be careful, folks!

    8. A handmade rainbow puzzle rated "really hard" — because everything can't be rainbows and butterflies all the time!

    9. A black-and-white line puzzle so you can't use color as your usual crutch, so to speak.

    10. An "impossible isolation" puzzle you'll want to cop if you're CLEARLY proficient in puzzling.

    11. A brick puzzle that'll hit you like...a ton of bricks.

    12. A blue-and-white op art puzzle if your knack for problem-solving is no illusion.

    13. A wooden fractal puzzle that'll make you scratch your head, despite being only around 20 pieces.

    14. A Gustav Klimt puzzle you'll want to kiss when you've finally assembled it in full.

    15. A color-changing puzzle, if monochromatic or clear options weren't already hard enough.

    16. An arc-patterned Dusen Dusen puzzle you'll definitely want to just leave out on your coffee table for the rest of time once you've completed it.

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