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    27 Light Fixtures That Don't Cost A Fortune

    If your hopes were dimmed that you'd ever be able to afford good overhead lighting.

    1. A mid-century modern chandelier with 12 lights for an in-your-face statement piece.

    2. A porcelain pendant light as a subtle yet sophisticated way to dress up your overhead lighting.

    3. A light fixture that is also pot rack (or vice versa) so you can kill two birds with one stone.

    4. A minimalist pendant light that'll make a big statement without any bells and whistles.

    5. A sparkling acrylic crystal chandelier if you want the look of royalty for a commoner's price.

    6. A chandelier that'll be like a magnetic field...for compliments.

    7. A five-light wagon wheel chandelier for some mod industrial vibes.

    8. A crystal-pendant chandelier if, baby, you're a firework.

    9. A "mobile" chandelier with oversized bulbs to really tie together your whole room. It also might make you want to go full "Sia."

    10. An Asian-style paper lantern with chic stained-oak accents for a modern, Scandinavian spin on the classic look.

    11. A stained glass semi-flush that'll add a touch of vintage warmth to your abode.

    12. A five-light pendant with frosted-white globes that'll likely never go out of style.

    13. A simple flush mount with a sculptural two-tone design if you're not looking to make a whole display of your fixture.

    14. A three-pendant chandelier fixture with gunmetal finish for the ultimate bar area.

    15. A modern-minimalist pendant light made of metal and wood that'll be a downright stunner in any room — yep, beyond the kitchen, too.

    16. A chandelier with a drum shade if you're the type of person who can never quite decide whether their aesthetic is classic or modern.

    17. An adjustable mini pendant that'll kind of look like a maraschino cherry in the best possible way!

    18. A geometric modern chandelier if you want to start thinking outside the box.

    19. An industrial pendant with a gold interior for a little bit of drama.

    20. A retro pendant panel to bring in some industrial farmhouse vibes. It's all of the things at once!

    21. A three-light drum chandelier made of steel that'll make you say "Um, this is is a ~steal~."

    22. A modern Finnish-inspired pendant fixture you'll be admiring the sleekness of.

    23. A retro globe light flush mount for a design you'll want to keep for the long haul.

    24. A sculptural ceiling fan light to look cool *and* stay cool.

    25. Or, a ceiling fan light that'll fit into your sleek, matte aesthetic.

    26. An Isamu Noguchi paper and bamboo light to flex on your friends with the real deal.

    27. And a vintage-industrial pendant fixture that is somewhere between Martha Stewart Living and Steam Punk Heaven. Welcome!

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