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    21 Incredibly Useful Gadgets Under $50

    Want to feel old? The Spy Kids now source their gadgets from my posts.

    1. A John Frieda hot brush if you can't afford to get a blowout every week or don't intend to leave the house for your quarantine.

    2. A low-effort power scrubber that'll remind you that once upon a time your bathroom grout was actually...a sparkling-clean cream color?

    3. A wireless karaoke microphone that'll be super useful in...driving your roommates mad with deranged covers of Barenaked Ladies songs.

    4. An indoor herb garden with an LED light kit that'll give you bragging rights (and a reason to opt out of garnish shopping) next time you're able to invite people over for dinner.

    5. A pair of waterproof wireless headphones if you've destroyed enough headphones with exposure to sweat and rain by now to realize it might be time to find a heavy-duty pair to fit your active lifestyle.

    6. A gentle gel and light teeth whitening system because the bill you're slapped with after a professional whitening is enough to make you never want to smile with your teeth ever again.

    7. A brush spinner that'll zap all that leftover makeup and dry each brush in under a minute. Which, in turn, means a longer life for your brushes and fewer breakouts that'll end up requiring even more of your money.

    8. An Amazon Fire TV Stick so you can finally investigate what this Love Is Blind thing is all about.

    9. An AirFly wireless transmitter – the next time you're able to fly, you'll be able to connect your AirPods to the airplane without getting conned into buying those bad and wasteful in-flight ones.

    10. A monthly subscription to Quip, the beautiful and award-winning electric toothbrush with a two-minute timer to effectively remove plaque and prevent gingivitis.

    11. A pillow massager with heat you can use when you're stuck in traffic after a long, arduous day.

    12. A motion sensor home security system that'll send you updates on your phone when it detects a window or door has been opened. Plus: If you upgrade this plan, you can save on homeowners insurance!

    13. A mini Bluetooth speaker you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover actually offers very loud and crisp sound for its size.

    14. Or a small-but-mighty budget Bluetooth speaker that would serve you well as a shower option.

    15. A bamboo desktop charger station that'll give you a place to store and organize all of your devices. (You have three iPhones, right?)

    16. A surge protector with six pivoting outlets to enable your gadget-hoarding tendencies.

    17. A wireless remote kit that'll make turning on all your random household electronics a breeze.

    18. A self-watering hanging planter for both indoor and outdoor use. I'm telling you: You can't mess it up this time — not with this planter.

    19. A snazzy personal space heater destined to be your best bud during chilly days.

    20. A 64-piece iFixit kit that'll ensure you're prepped to fix absolutely any of the small electronics or appliances around your home.

    21. And an attachable ring light so you're always ready to snap a thirst trap.

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