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    21 Eco-Friendly Products You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

    Let's make some headway on your 2019 resolution.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of durable glass straws if you like turtles more than the Zombie Kid himself.

    Includes two cleaning brushes.

    Promising review: "I have made it a point this year to be more environmentally conscious. Straw waste frequently makes its way to the ocean and harms sea animals. It's been great to see many restaurants go straw-less unless requested and I wanted to make sure I was doing the same at home. These are nice wide-mouth straws and great for smoothies and subbing in my cold iced coffees in place of the standard famous green straw. Very easy to clean with the brushes. Definitely recommend." —krs5201

    Price: $10.99 (for an eight-pack)

    2. A roomy canvas tote you can take along to the grocery store so there's no need to get a baggy at checkout.

    Promising review: "Seriously, this bag is amazing. Great size, very well made, and more features than I thought was possible on a canvas bag. Little things like the inside pocket and the two sets of buttons that keep the bag closed depending on whether you're using the long strap or the short strap make it a really great bag to carry. I ordered the black so it's classic and will never feel out of style, but I can easily see myself ordering more colors because it's just that cool." —Michelle Salemka

    Price: $32 (available in 11 colors)

    3. A set of washable mesh bags to hold your produce.

    Promising review: "We have had these bags for almost three years at this point (bought in 2010). We use them when we go food shopping for all sorts of produce, as well as nuts and other items from the bulk aisle. They are great for farmers market's trips, too. We use them to transport from store/market to home and then for carrying nuts around during the day for snacking. They have been proven as very durable. There are no holes or rips in any of the bags." —MariaSmiles

    Price: $12 (for a set of five)

    4. An all-natural stain remover for anyone who cannot be trusted with a white shirt.

    Promising review: "This is by far the BEST stain remover I have ever used. I have a 2-year-old and a newborn so we have allllll the stains happening around here. Vomit, poop, fruit (including oranges, cherries, and watermelon!), dirt, grease... there isn’t anything this stuff hasn’t gotten out. It has also worked on old stains, even year-old stains that have been washed and dried multiple times. I love that you can leave it on for long periods of time (I can’t always get to laundry right away!). It doesn’t have any smell so it doesn’t clash with our laundry soap. It comes out as a thick liquid, and seems to ‘stick’ to the stains. Get it and stock up!" —Katie K.

    Price: $11.04

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    5. An indoor food compost bin you won't mind leaving out on the counter.

    Promising review: "I love this compost bin! It is very well designed. They actually tested all aspects of it. The one-handed operation is SO much better than having to lift off a lid like my old steel compost bin. The lid flips up/down very easily. The lid removes when you want to empty it out. The plastic inside is super smooth so there are no nooks or crannies for food to get caught. Most of the waste simply slips off and then you can just rinse it and you are good to go. I don't have to buy compost bags anymore either. There is no smell when it is on the counter. I was worried about it looking tacky on my counter because it is plastic, but it is so well designed that it even looks classy on my granite counter." —Susanne M. Millar

    Price: $19.99 (available in gray and white)

    Read our full review of it here.

    6. A to-go bamboo utensil set with a carrying case, so you're always prepared., Lillian Zhou

    Promising review: "Bamboo is pleasing to eat with. No clanking of noisy silverware on ceramic plates or bowls. No clanking of metal against teeth.

    In particular, these bamboo sets by To-GoWare are much better than other bamboo utensils I've bought. The three-tine forks are sturdy and long-lived. With my other bamboo forks that have four tines I've often had breaks. Also, To-GoWare spoons are a very pleasing shape. I like that the spoon has a little curve to it, making it more pleasant to hold. It is also a little deeper and a little less wide than other bamboo spoons I've had, meaning that it holds more for less 'mouth space,' so to speak. The chopsticks are shorter than traditional chopsticks, which I think is a plus, personally. Love these! I have three sets so I can choose the set that matches my outfit!" —Raederle Phoenix West

    Price: $11.99+ (available in six colors)

    7. Organic bamboo nursing pads that also work wonders as makeup removers.

    Promising review: "I'll be totally honest — I don't use these as intended. I don't have kids; I don't nurse, I have no idea if they're suitable for that purpose. However, I bought these at the suggestion of a friend and use them instead of disposable cotton rounds to take my makeup off, and I'm shook at how great they work. I dump a little micellar water on one of these bad boys and swipe away until my face is sparkling clean and feeling fresh, then I plop it in the included laundry bag, and when they're all used up, I toss 'em in the washer, and they come out looking good as new. I can vouch for the fact that they are, indeed, washable, reusable, soft, and absorbent. A great way to reduce waste when cleaning your face without dirtying a washcloth every time." —zephyr

    Price: $14.90 (for a 14-pack)

    8. A pack of 100% compostable poop bags because the world doesn't have to go to shit just because your dog does.,

    Promising review: "I tried a few different eco-friendly bags while searching for an alternative to plastic bags, but they were usually difficult to open, ripped easily, or felt too flimsy. These bags have the perfect balance of thickness and they open very easily. I will only be buying these bags from now on!" —E

    Price: $5.95+ (available in four sizes)

    9. Bee's Wrap, for a smart and sustainable way to store your leftovers.

    Promising review: "Wow, I love this!! All you have to do is wrap it over what you want to cover and press your hands around it a little and it sticks. It smells amazing and is easy to wash, reshape, and reuse." —Grace Marie Norberg

    Price: $18 (for a set of three)

    10. A pack of spill-proof ceramic coffee lids that'll fit just about any standard cup.

    11. A totally decomposable razor with a bamboo handle to combat the estimated 2 billion razors thrown into landfills every year.

    Promising review: "I️ purchased this razor because I wanted to be more eco-friendly and loved the idea of a reusable, no-plastic razor. Now I’m in love because of how cheap it is: $20 for the razor and $10 for 100 blade refills is so much better than the price of the wasteful plastic cartridges. The razor works great too, which is probably the most important factor. It takes me a bit longer to shave using the single-blade safety razor than it did with disposable cartridges but the shave is just as close and smooth. Doesn’t hurt that the razor looks great too." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $21.97

    12. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker designed with FSC-certified wood and recyclable aluminum housing.

    Promising review: "I received this as a Christmas gift and I love it. The sound is great for its size, it is very clear, and I was very surprised by the bass. I also like that it's small enough that I can clip it on my purse and it's not bulky or annoying. It has a very fun look to it as well — it suits my style. I especially like the wood. I have had very good luck with Marley products in the past so I am very happy to have received this as a gift. I take it with me to the beach, to do yoga in the backyard, to go for a walk, to listen to while cooking, painting, reading, or working out and other stuff like that, and it's very convenient." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $46.89

    Find more of the best portable Bluetooth speakers on BuzzFeed Reviews.

    13. A set of degradable wheat-straw-fiber plates that are clumsy-person safe — customers confirm they are truly unbreakable.

    Promising review: "Just what we were looking for! Lightweight, microwaveable plates that look nice and are very practical. They are slightly on the small side, but hold plenty. I love that they have a slight lip to them. Helps prevent accidents when carrying food from one place to another." —Kyle W.

    Price: $18.29 (for a three-pack)

    14. A pack of long-lasting and biodegradable plant-based sponges without added colors and chemicals.

    Promising review: "These are really great sponges. It really bugs me when people complain that environmentally-friendly products aren't as effective as their 'conventional' counterparts. Does this sponge last as long as a Scotch-Brite regular sponge? No. But it does almost as good a job, and is very cheap for how long it lasts." —Buyer

    Price: $9.91 (for a six-pack)

    15. A waxed canvas lunch box that beats bringing wasteful materials to work every day.

    Promising review: "Purchased this bag as a gift and my husband loves it. It's spacious enough to hold a few lunch containers of various sizes. The waxed canvas keeps its rolled shape, so don't worry that it doesn't have a traditional handle! I plan on getting one for myself as well." —MGJ

    Price: $24 (available in blue, brown, and grey)

    16. A natural and sulfate-free dish soap with a very delightful green tea and lime fragrance.

    Promising review: "I'm very picky about dish soap: I have sensitive skin and I have latex allergy. I have been using this product for four months and I haven't had any skin irritation from the product (it's such a relief — so many eco soaps available at the market irritate my skin). I absolutely love the fragrance (green tea and lime); it has a rich texture, lather and dishes are spotless. I am so happy to have stumbled upon this product on Amazon — I am officially hooked on Puracy!!!" —KTD

    Price: $7.15

    17. A low-flow showerhead that's designed to help save you up to 30% more energy and water (not to mention a whole lot on your utilities bills).

    Promising review: "First bill (only used the heads for 20 days of the bill) we cut our water consumption down to 4,400 gallons (from 6,300)! Saved $23 on our water bill. So they paid themselves off in less than a month. Plus we can feel good for saving water and the energy to involved with treating it." —awesomeness

    Price: $8 (available in white and chrome)

    18. A two-pack of Meyer's laundry detergent, which is biodegradable, plant-derived, and not least of all, very lovely to smell.,

    Promising review: "I would give this product 10 stars if I had the option. I've used it for years and it smells great, is gentle on my clothes and not harmful to my children. I recently had a baby and was not even concerned about this being too harsh for him. It's the best out there." —Lindsey Jebb

    Price: $27.06+ (for two 64 oz. containers; available in basil, lavender, baby blossom, geranium, verbena, and honeysuckle)

    19. A pack of reusable baby diapers that actually aren't totally disgusting!

    Promising review: "When I was pregnant with my second child, I looked into new cloth diapers because the cost savings and environmental impact will always be worth it to me to cloth diaper. I didn't want to spend the roughly $20 per diaper for the BumGenius diapers, so with these averaging out to around $5 a diaper, I took a chance. I bought three packs of six, costing me roughly $90, and I have a great rotation of diapers. I only have to wash them every few days. I've been using them for six months with my second born, and I couldn't be happier! No cloth diaper is as absorbent as a disposable, so you need to be prepared to change diapers more frequently. But all in all, these are a GREAT value in cloth diapering, and I would absolutely buy them again and recommend them to anyone." —Julia M.

    Price: $29.99 (for a six-pack with 12 inserts)

    20. A BuzzFeed Reviews-approved bidet, because it's 2019 and we should have a more technologically advanced way to clean our butts than with scraps of paper.

    Promising review: "The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 has soured me on pooping in bidet-less toilets forever. It's shown me the difference between rubbing peanut butter out of shag carpeting with a paper towel, and that sparkling-clean feeling you get right when you step out of the shower." —Mercury

    Price: $34.50 (available in blue/white and white).

    Read our full review here.

    21. And a BPA-free bamboo bento box that's both microwave- and dishwasher-friendly.

    Promising review: "This bento box is perfect for what I need. Instead of bringing several containers to work each day, I just bring this. It's great that I can have a hot meal for future heating in one section and cold food items in the other. Each section is sealed airtight — no leaking. They heat up in the microwave easily. The little air vent helps with reheating. They clean up super easy with soapy water. Well made. Fairly stylish. Great product." —Chuck Ghoulie

    Price: $21.95

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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