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    24 Cleaning Products You Probably Aren't Trying That You Should Be

    I think I am finally clean, ah!

    1. A plant-based cleaner that'll make you realize you never needed any of those harsh chemicals in the first place.

    Clear bottles of cleaners upright on counter

    2. A grill scrubber to remove stubborn grease and grime without breaking a sweat.

    Hand scrubbing grease and grime off grill

    3. A handy touch-less "Fohm" dispenser with a paraben-free cleansing solution to turn your existing toilet paper into an environmentally friendly version of "flushable wipes" (which pose a serious threat to marine life, as they don't properly break down when flushed).

    Fohm solution and dispenser against blue backdrop

    4. A carpet-spot remover so you can finally discard that oddly placed welcome mat you've been using to strategically cover up stains.

    5. A reusable swab to combat the billions of single-use cotton swabs and buds produced every year (that are then tossed into the ocean, threatening sea life).

    LastSwab branded swab and case

    6. A Tushy bidet attachment to remind you, "ah, yes, they year is 2021 and there is probably a more evolved method of cleaning our butts by now."

    Tushy bidet attachment with bamboo knob

    7. A no-rinse detergent for your handwashing, so you can skip the annoying step of washing out any remaining soap suds and save your clothes from damage caused by over-handling. Soak offers an incredible, evaporating formula that is perfect for even the finest of wools, cashmeres, and silks.

    Soak no-rinse detergent in red-labeled bottle

    8. A bottle of Feed-N-Wax wood polish that'll make your table look brand spankin' new and add a protective layer to prevent future drying and fading. Wood ya' look at that?

    9. An all-natural garbage disposal freshener, because having a disposal is both a blessing and a curse and those who know the curse really know the curse. Peeee yewww.

    A jar of garbage disposal freshener cubes in a jar

    10. A jewelry cleaning pen to bring that brilliant shine back to your cloudy gems.

    Before and after images of jewelry cleaning pen

    11. A grout pen that'll offer you an oddly meditative quarantine activity and a fresh-looking set of floor tiles, too.

    12. A robot vacuum cleaner with an infrared-sensor for evading obstacles, so you don't have to worry about leaving this thing unattended.

    Kid laying next to vacuum cleaner

    13. Cleaning tablets to pop into your travel mug because you know the struggle of opening your bottle only to find you forgot to clean it out the last time.

    Cleaning tablets before, during, and after

    14. A toilet cleaning system that'll spread Oxi Clean every time you flush for a whole three months so you don't have to roll up your sleeves and scrub away at that toilet quite so often.

    Kaboom scrub free toilet cleaning system box

    15. A robot wet/dry mop to supplement your vacuuming — instead of getting on your hands and knees let this thing do the manual labor.

    16. A scratch-free scraping tool if removing sticky labels from the bottom of a beautiful piece of kitchenware with your nails is, just, simply not a favorite pasttime.

    Model scraping label off underside of cup

    17. A set of reusable nonstick oven liners to catch cheeses, sauces, and other potential messes, and create much less work for you later.

    Non-stick oven liners splattered with grease

    18. A dish squeegee for making clearing leftover food a far less time-consuming activity than it needs to be. Its curved shape is perfect for getting in those hard-to-reach spots on bowls.

    Dish squeegee cleaning tomato sauce off plate

    19. A four-way brush cleaner that'll be on hand to (speedily) take on whatever mess you find on your shoes at the last moment.

    20. An adjustable blind duster to tackle those windows (or car vents!) with just a few painless twirls of the hand.

    Model cleaning blinds with blind duster

    21. A disgustingly satisfying drain-cleaning tool to avoid the shame of calling in your landlord.

    22. And a sworn-by Magic Eraser, if the mere thought of cleanup always holds you back from meal-prepping.

    Hand wiping tomato sauce off microwave

    23. An air purifier to help alleviate your allergies and zap all the nasty odors lingering around your house that you've been trying to ignore for the last year.

    24. A pack of 100% natural cellulose Swedish dishcloths to use instead of the notoriously germ-ridden sponge and extremely wasteful paper towel.

    Swedish dishcloth with lemon print on counter

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