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    Best Essential Oil Diffusers

    Why have just any diffuser when you can have one with galaxy LED lights?

    1. A wood-grain InnoGear diffuser with four timers and two misting modes to cater to your very specific needs.

    2. A Vitruvi ceramic diffuser that'll cover up to a 540-square foot space. Plus: You'll get a very beautiful sculptural object to display on your shelf.

    Ceramic black "stone" diffuser in vase-like shape

    3. An Asakuki humidifier and diffuser with a large and easy-to-clean water tank so the good times can keep rollin.

    White diffuser with wood accents and square base

    4. A minimalist Muji diffuser with two adjustable LED light levels and four different sets of timers for your preferred level of zen.

    Minimalist white diffuser emitting essential oils

    5. A wood-grain Urpower diffuser that'll give you the option of intermittent mist (30 seconds on and off) or continuous mist.

    Dark wood-grain diffuser in tear drop shape and purple light on

    6. A raindrop nebulizing diffuser with a glass reservoir that promises to give you the purest and most concentrated fragrance in a very short period of time.

    Raindrop-shaped glass diffuser with wood accent

    7. A compact and durable Serene House diffuser you'll be able to power up via USB.

    8. A marble-style SpaRoom diffuser for a classy option that'll give you up to 10 hours of diffusion on the intermittent setting.

    Marble-style diffuser in wide rounded body emitting essential oils

    9. A galaxy-style diffuser with some trippy LED lights to look at while you breathe in some pleasant essential oils.

    Orb-shaped diffuser with blue and green galaxy-style LED lights

    10. A handmade ceramic and beechwood Pilgrim diffuser for a "environmentally, economically and socially responsible" option.

    Raindrop-shaped ceramic diffuser with beech wood accents

    11. A very intuitive Urpower diffuser you can fire up during yoga and meditation to get into the right headspace.

    Minimalist white diffuser with green light on

    12. A wooden Smiley Daisy diffuser and humidifier if you like all your home decor to be tasteful — and more importantly, brand-free.

    Flat wooden diffuser with lid ajar

    13. A marble-style Hathaspace diffuser and humidifier that'll mist for a whopping 24 hours on intermittent mode.

    Orb-shaped marble-style diffuser sitting on end table

    14. A sleek Eco nebulizing diffuser for a super-quiet and moisture-free experience. (No water required!)

    Sleek white diffuser in cylindrical shape

    15. And a color-changing Opalhouse diffuser to fit right into your brass-accented living room.

    Orb-shaped diffuser with muted rainbow body and golden base

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