11 Breathtakingly Beautiful Marathons In The UK And Ireland

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1. Callanish Stones Marathon, Scotland.


Direct from Lord of the Rings, this run goes around the west coast of the Isle of Lewis. Sights include the famous Standing Stones and a crofters village straight out of Middle Earth. It's a one-off, so enter now while you still can.

Difficulty Level: Medium, full Marathon.

Date: 2nd August 2014

Website: callanish.srac.org.uk

2. Snowdonia Marathon, Wales.

CPImaging / Colin Paxton

Your calves won't thank you for tackling one of the Marathon circuit's toughest climbs but just think of the views (and watch out for falling rocks).

Difficulty Level: Difficult, full Marathon.

Date: 25th October 2014

Website: snowdoniamarathon.co.uk

4. Conwy Half Marathon, Wales.

Flickr: brianac37 / Via Creative Commons

The Conwy Half along the North Wales coastline is considered one of the most scenic runs in the world, taking in Conwy castle, Deganwy beach and the Victorian town of Llandudno. It's so nice to look at they've got a lovely tram to take you round. No cheating now.

Difficulty Level: Medium, half Marathon.

Date: 23rd November 2014

Website: runwales.com/events/conwy-half-marathon

5. Windermere Marathon, England.

Flickr: bods / Via Creative Commons

The one where you can't get lost. See that big puddle of water there? You'll be running around that.

Difficulty Level: Medium, full Marathon.

Date: June 2015

Website: brathaywindermeremarathon.org.uk

6. Lochaber Marathon, Scotland.

Flickr: by-mark / Via Creative Commons

Lochaber Marathon's last few miles give you Ben Nevis to gawp at - which should help keep the mind off the last few miles leg wobble.

Difficulty Level: Difficult, full Marathon.

Date: April 2015

Website: lochaberac.co.uk

7. Guernsey Marathon, Guernsey.

Flickr: stephoto / Via Creative Commons

Over 20 of the 26 miles (count 'em) of Guernsey marathon enjoy a coastal view - meaning you can see France. Bonjour mes amis!

Difficulty Level: Easy, full Marathon.

Date: 24th August 2014

Website: guernseymarathon.gg

8. Kinvara Half Marathon, Ireland.

Philip Magnier

This run, which starts in Kinvara fishing village in south County Galway in Ireland isn't called Rock and Road for nothing. Happily, there's little risk of these ones falling on you.

Difficulty Level: Medium, half Marathon.

Date: March 2015

Website: rockandroad.ie

9. North Wales Half Marathon, Wales.

Flickr: erwlas / Via Creative Commons

Look at that! The North Wales half marathon begins at 9am so unless you're snail-pace slow this won't be the view when you cross the finish line at Beacons beach in Morfa Conwy. But it's beautiful anyway.

Difficulty Level: Medium, half Marathon.

Date: 3rd August 2014

Website: runwales.com/events/north-wales-half-marathon

10. Barrathon, Scotland.

Flickr: szczepj / Via Creative Commons

This half Marathon circuit of the Scottish isle of Barra capped entrants at 241 this year. So even if you come in at 151st place, so long as no one twigs the size of the event, you're due bragging rights.

Difficulty Level: Medium, half Marathon.

Date: June 2015

Website: barrathon.org.uk

11. Dingle Half Marathon, Ireland.

Dingle Marathon

The best thing about this half Marathon off Ireland's south west coast is that it ends directly outside a village pub called Kruger's. And they're serving. No wonder this guy's smiling.

Difficulty Level: Medium, half Marathon.

Date:6th September 2014

Website: dinglemarathon.ie