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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Rock Climbing

I've never liked going to the gym and lifting weights. Then I discovered the world of rock climbing and have never been more fit in my life! Find out why you should check out this awesome sport that is taking everyone by storm.

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1. It's a great workout

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Most people think that climbing is purely an upper body workout. And while you do need your arms, climbing really requires every muscle to be used in someway. Your legs need to be strong to keep your toes actively pressed against the wall. Your core needs to be tight to keep your hips close to the wall. Your back and shoulders need to be engaged to take weight off your arms and fingers. Then you need to have the endurance and stamina to ascend upwards of 100 ft of rock! Simply opening your car door will be a challenge after a day of climbing hard.

2. It's mentally disciplining

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Climbing is also just as much a mental game as a physical one, perhaps even more so! While on the wall, it requires an immense amount of focus and presence to make the most precise and efficient movements. A single slip of the mind can ruin the best attempts. Even while off of the wall, the mental factor is still present. Climbing can be one of the most frustrating sports, where success comes down to sticking an insanely hard move that is just out of reach. The only way to triumph is with the strong mental fortitude that is built to motivate you. With the power of belief and determination, the body can do wondrous things.

3. It's for all shapes and sizes

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Even though climbing can be a difficult activity, it is accessible for all body types! There is a wide range of difficulty in the way specific routes are graded, and everyone starts from the bottom. As long as you are pushing yourself and trying hard it doesn't matter if you are climbing the 5.1 or 5.15 (really easy or really ridiculously insanely hard)!

4. It's outdoorsy


Climbing is about loving the outdoors and all the beauty that nature creates for us. The rock itself almost becomes a spiritual element for some climbers, as we are simply humbled to be able to climb something so majestic. Some of the most gorgeous places in the world are home to famous climbing destinations like Yosemite, the beaches of Thailand, the Rocklands of South Africa, or the mountains of Peru.

5. It's adventerous

Everyone loves a good thrill! Try standing on top of the 1000 foot rock you just climbed! Try taking unexpected 40+ foot falls! Try climbing without any ropes at all, 30 feet high, with only a couple of foam pads to break your fall! While you can usually determine your level of intensity, there is always a way to get your heart pumping while climbing. No one likes to fall, but everyone loves the rush. Also, just look up Alex Honnold and prepare to be amazed (and terrified!).

6. It's accessible

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While climbing outdoors is truly special, some of us are not as fortunate to live close to some real rock. Thankfully, the indoor climbing scene has been blowing up! A great way to build community and learn everything you need to know, indoor climbing gyms are the easiest way to get into the world of climbing. Although you'll be climbing on plastic, gyms are just as much fun as the real thing!

7. It's fun!

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Like I said, traditional working out has never been my thing. I don't think I have ever been so bored as I was when I was trying to lift weights. Climbing is always a good time! Every route is like a little puzzle you have to solve, figuring out which holds to use and how to use them. Sometimes the moves can be very gymnastic too, forcing you to jump and catch yourself. Sometimes the moves can be very slow, requiring you to balance your entire weight on a tiny foot chip. And sometimes you end up in a position you never imagined you could do. At the end of the day you realize you were just acting like a monkey, but have never had more fun in your life!

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