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14 Lies We Tell Ourselves Every Christmas

"I'll be organised this year!" Stick to at least one of your promises – plan your Christmas with Coles.

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1. "I'll pre-order the turkey this year."

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2. "All the decorations will be up by the start of December."

3. "I'm going to be organised and buy all my presents well in advance."

4. "Finally I can make those cute Christmas cupcakes I saw on Pinterest!"

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5. "It's too hard to diet at this time of year. I'll start my health kick after the break."

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It's just common sense really.

6. "You won't find me anywhere near the shops on Christmas Eve."

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7. "I'm going to send out personalised Christmas cards to everyone."

8. "I'll do a big batch of Christmas baking and take it around to all the neighbours."

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9. "I don't even care if I get any presents this year."

10. "I'm definitely going to stay up until midnight."

11. "After lunch I'm going to set up a big photo with the whole family."

12. "Just one serving of pudding."

13. "I couldn't possibly eat another bite."


14. "I'm sure if we go early to the Boxing Day sales we'll have no problems getting a park."

Enough with all the lies. Follow through with at least one promise this year – plan your Christmas with Coles!