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16 Christmas Traditions We Should Keep Year-Round

Now it can feel like Christmas all year long. Fill yourself with festive cheer and get your Christmas essentials from Coles.

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3. Taking family photos.

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It's not often you can get your whole family in the same place at the same time. These moments should be cherished, documented, and Instagrammed.

5. Catch-ups with the friends you don't see very often.

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"We should do this more often!" –says everyone when you eventually get together. But you still don't end up seeing them again until next December.

6. Being happy.

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What is it about Christmastime that instantly lifts your mood? It must be seeing all your friends and family, right? Or the fact you can eat a whole bowl of custard without being judged.

9. Actually posting those handmade cards in the mail.

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These days, receiving something other than a bill in the mail is such a novelty – it's like a present in itself.

10. Being able to tell terrible jokes, without judgement.

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Currently, Christmas is the only day of the year we're officially allowed to use bad puns and NO ONE can groan OR roll their eyes. Let's remedy that, shall we?

15. Bargain-shopping at the Boxing Day sales.

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If we had these kinds of sales all year there'd be no need for everyone to rush to the shops on the one day.

Thankfully, it's not over yet! Keep the festive spirit alive and prepare for Christmas at Coles.

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