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How To OFFline Date, In Case You Forgot.

Have you heard of that friend who goes on a TON of online dates, and then ends up in a relationship with someone they meet 'organically' or in the real world? Online dating is just about all that anyone relies on anymore, but it's depressing many people. Why don't you actually go and meet people in the real world. There are many options, and here are a few.

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Your Friend's Weddings

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The more friends you have, the more weddings you'll be invited to. Chances are they will have at least a few single friends who come to the wedding, that will 1) Feel desperate in the face of true love 2) Get tipsy as a result

Your Job

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Some jobs and bosses may consider it taboo to date co-workers, but more often than not, people do it anyway. You get to know people at your own job, and getting married out of meeting at a job is actually quite common.

Friends (not the TV Show)

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Friends, like real ones, usually have friends who just might find you interesting, and that you can date. If you hang out with people, they might become your friends, and they might introduce you to others who you can date.

Get A Dog

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If you walk around with a dog, chances are, people will come up to you and start petting it. That makes starting a conversation REALLY easy, pretty much effortless. WARNING: Conversations with attractive people might lead to getting a phone number!

Almumni Networks

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If you graduated from any form of college, there are usually alumni networking events in your city. It's an easy conversation starter and common thread if you went to the same school / Via is a way to find people who share common interests. You can find anything from mountain biking groups to entrepreneurs. Finding people with common interests can help you build a good bond!

Delete or Deactivate Your Account Now

Get offline and go meet people the old fashioned way. You might just find someone you actually like!

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