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6 Stages Of A Snacker

Got food on your mind? We understand you.

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1. The pre-breakfast stage


You wake up because you're craving a good cookie with your cuppa coffee.

2. The after breakfast stage


The toast and eggs didn't satisfy your need for creamy and delicious. Smoothie time? Check.

3. The mid-morning snack stage


You're sitting at your desk. The clock reads 10:00 am. Two more hours until lunch....can I make it?

*Grabs bag of pretzels out of desk*

4. The after lunch stage


You know the coworkers are going to judge your eating just 1 hour after lunch, but those strawberries sitting over in the conference room are asking to be eaten.

At least it's fruit??

5. The pre-dinner stage


You can't even help yourself. You come home from work, hungry. You prepare dinner and the food smells so good BUT YOU JUST CANNOT WAIT. MUST CONSUME FOOD RIGHT NOW. *Quietly sneaks out the Oreos hoping no one hears you*

6. The before bed stage


A good scoop of ice cream will help the body rest well at night.

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