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12 Behaviors At Home That'd Be Weird Anywhere Else

Home is where you're truly yourself. (Even if that self is a little weird.) Let Coldwell Banker help you find a home that lets you truly be you.

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1. Removing your clothing as soon as you walk in the door.

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2. Eating with your hands like some kind of feral beast...

3. ...and moving as little as possible while doing so.

4. Totally forgetting all the rules of posture.

5. Letting all parts of your body completely relax.

6. Binging an entire TV series in one sitting.

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7. Watching something that you know will cause ugly cries.

8. Belting a solo like you're the world's best singer.

9. Winning imaginary arguments with your archrival.

10. Walking around like a crazy person while on the phone.

11. Putting on weird makeup just for fun.

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12. ...and awkward dancing until you tire yourself out.