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11 Life-Changing Lessons We Learned From "She's The Man"

"It absorbs right up!"

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2. Nosebleeds can be thwarted by a certain female toiletry.

Lakeshore / DreamWorks

We should all thank quick-thinking Viola Hastings for our new-found nasal freedom from those messy nosebleeds.


4. Self-encouragement is the best antidote for self-doubt.

Lakeshore / DreamWorks

Whether you're nervous before an exam, stressing before a first date, or simply trying to convince the entire school that you are your brother, it's important to give your badass, hunky self some credit.

5. Chicks dig male pattern baldness.

Lakeshore / DreamWorks

Fear not, all ye men who have begun to thin upstairs! While mother nature's vindictive fury is inevitable, so is the fact that some women find the bald look appealing. Time to whip out the razor, lads!

6. In the dating game, there's a proportional relationship between the quality of a woman's ass and the quality of man's face.

Lakeshore / DreamWorks

But then again, this lesson came from a not-so-nice gal. So you may ignore it, if you wish.

7. Heels have two very specific, slightly sinister functions.

Lakeshore / DreamWorks

Previously, clogs held the coveted title of Most Comfortable Footwear, but dawn of the 20th century brought with it a shoe that strikes fear into all but the most numbed feet, the high heel.

8. A positive attitude can cure the most awkward of high-five fails.

Approach your next high-five burn with Sebastian Hastings's positivity and nonchalance, and you'll be laughing!


10. A certain allergy can save you from P.E. class for the rest of your days.

Lakeshore / DreamWorks

Sebastian Hastings is here to save your unfit, forgetful self from all education of a physical nature.

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