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6 Ways To Make It Through Your First Year Of Uni Without Being Totally Broke

*This is for a job application* Getting through your first year of uni and staying on top of your finances can be pretty tough. Thankfully, Bor & Reid Associates are with you every step of the way. Here are 6 easy tips to help you stay bankroll fresh.

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1. Make friends with the richest looking person you spot at fresher’s week

There's always at least one super rich guy at uni. You'll spot him a mile off from his perfectly coiffed hair, Rolex watch and incredibly posh accent. He'll be at the SU bar buying double JD and Cokes for the whole squad.

Work your way into his inner circle and he'll be your pathway to riches. If he doesn't want to be your mate, you can at least offer to do his coursework for him. You get cash and he gets more time in the evening to work on his side parting. Win, win!

2. Brew and sell your own beer

It worked for Homer Simpson and it can work for you. Convert your shower at halls into a brewery and sell affordably priced, but questionably produced beer to your halls mates.

You’ll make tonnes of new friends and a quick buck while you’re at it. You could even take things a step further by converting the common room to a 1920s style speakeasy. Pre-drinks will never be the same again.

3. Become a stock photo model

Okay, so you originally came to uni to study History of Art. But has anyone ever told you how good you’d look smiling blissfully at a plate of salad? The art world is fickle and constantly changing, but the world will always need stock photography.

No, your mum and dad won’t be pleased at first. But they can dry their tears with all that sweet sweet iStock money you’ll be raking in.

4. Tour the country entering pub quizzes for prize money

You made it to uni, so you know you’re at least kind of smart. Time to put those A levels to good use and start bringing in the big bucks. How, you ask? By going from city to city entering pub quizzes and living off the prize money, of course.

Sure, life on the road will be lonely. And yes, this advice does require you to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the first 30 seconds of every song ever written. But I believe in you, damn it. You can do this. I know you can!

5. Live solely off of the food you find in the reduced aisle

Ahh, the reduced aisle. Home to dented tins of Fray Bentos and pack after pack of only slightly bruised fruit and veg. You might have to fight off at least three people from your seminar to get at some of the better stuff. But who needs all of their original teeth when you've got whole chicken for only 99p?

6. Actually get some use out of your student bank account

Remember that Bor & Reid Associates student bank account you opened just before you started uni? Turns out you can get more out of it than just a Young Person’s Railcard - although those actually come in pretty handy too.

Bor & Reid Associates offer all kinds of cool services that could save you money, like online banking and budgeting advice. They even offer contents insurance for all your belongings, just in case your homemade brewery explodes and ruins all of your stock photo modelling headshots.

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