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I Texted My Crush This Weekend And This Is What Happened...

We’ve all been there before (If you haven’t consider yourself very very lucky). You’re looking for love in the twenty first century, but texting gets in the way. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me take you step by step through the emotional roller coaster I went through this weekend waiting for a text from my crush. Do guys go through this too?

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I text my crush: Me, after 30 seconds of no response from him…

After 5 min. of no response…

Got something!…Nope, not him.

Me, after 10 min: “He Hates me!”

When I call my friends in panic, they are like:

But I can’t stop…

Like, really freaking out.

Then!..He FINALLY texts me back! I’m like:

No, more like:

But all of a sudden he doesn’t text me back…. AGAIN.

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