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    5 Flirting Types You Have Probably Fallen For

    Whether you consider yourself a flirt or not, chances are you fall into one of the following categories, and have fallen for someone who does as well. According to a study done at the University of Kansas there are five main types of flirting: traditional, physical, sincere, playful, and polite. Understanding which flirting style fits you best may help you achieve first date success and even enhance your current relationship. Lets see what type of flirt you are!

    1. Traditional

    When it comes to traditional flirts men are more likely to make the first move while women are reserved and wait for the right ‘one’ to hopefully come along. Online dating makes this technique more popular than ever before because now women can sit back and take their pick. If being a traditionalist is more your style then remember to have an appealing profile that properly represents who you are in order to entice the traditionalists to make a move.

    2. Physical

    Do you like to let your body do the talking when you are interested in someone? Perhaps when you start laughing your right hand naturally goes to touch the other person’s left knee. Getting physical is a sure way to drive the point across that you are interested without saying anything at all.

    3. Sincere

    The most common type of flirting technique is when sincere interests are being communicated. Seeing someone you admire and wanting to break the ice with them by complimenting their style or what type of coffee they ordered at the cafe is an easy and subtle flirting style. Trying to find common ground and going into detail about the topics may lead to emotional ties that flourish into a relationship, even if it’s only a friendship.

    4. Playful

    Do you flirt to get your way or capture attention? Is flirting a means to an end for you? People who use flirting as a tool, rather than engaging in the act because they are interested in another person, fall into this category! Just keep in mind all of the hearts you have broken from sending mixed signals, it may come back to get you.

    5. Polite

    The least obvious type of flirt is the one who is reserved and introverted. Many times no one notices when the polite flirt is actually flirting. Every action is thought out in detail and has a purpose behind it. They may be overlooked by many but they’re usually the most genuine.

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