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10 Countries Downloading Faster Than You Right Now

Average download speeds in these 10 countries make the USA, Canada and U.K look like they're still using dial-up. results from millions of global internet tests, indexed from the last 30 days.

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2. South Korea

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Average download speeds in South Korea are 97.42Mbps, well surpassing neighbor China and besting nearby Japan. The city of Cheonan has the fastest average speed at an amazing 158.72Mbps.

3. Hong Kong

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In 2nd place and rounding out the top 3, Hong Kong. Average download speeds of 97.4Mbps. Kowloon Tong is the area with the fastest internet. Local provider PCCW IMS Limited has the fastest connections with average speeds of 165.34Mbps.

5. Aland Islands (Near Finland)

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Where? The Aland Islands is a Swedish-speaking region of Finland that consists of an archipelago in the Baltic Sea. Nice internet speeds too, with 61.7Mbps on average. Of only 2 ISPs in the area, IP Connect AB provides speeds of 264.89Mbps.

8. Sweden

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Sweden provides average download speeds of 54.9Mbps, well above the global average of 22Mbps. Haninge is the Swedish town where you'll find the fastest downloads and ISP Ownit Broadband has the speediest service.

10. Netherlands

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Rounding out the top 10, the Netherlands. Average download speeds of 45.7Mbps across the country. The best speeds can be found in the city of Goor and the fastest average internet service is provided by Caiway.

What about the USA?

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The U.S ranks 26th globally, with average download speeds of 33.1Mbps.

Above the overall global average of 22Mbps, but trails the tiny parliamentary democracy of Jersey and countries such as Bulgaria and Norway.

Fastest download speeds can be found in Kansas City, which is a Google Fiber service area. If you're looking for higher average speed, try dedicated local ISPs in your local area such as Fastmetrics.

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