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WWE Has Created The First Ever Women's Money In The Bank Match And It's Going To Be Amazing

This past Tuesday, WWE Smackdown Commissioner and McMahon descendant Shane McMahon created the first ever Women's Money in the Bank Ladder match, which is set to make history at the Money in the Bank PPV on June 18, 2017

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I don't think WWE has ever been more exciting.

If many of you WWE fans out there remember, a few years ago right after Wrestlemania 31, WWE took part in a massive women's revolution that took place around a few different entertainment industries, such as multiple sports teams, movies, and other entertainment brands. WWE, as of NXT Takeover: Chicago, which took place on May 20, 2017, has officially gotten rid of all of their pink-colored women's title belts, and replaced all the belts with new ones that look just like the ones male superstars wear. The other thing that's changed is that the women of WWE are no longer called "Divas" (except for on E!s "Total Divas") instead they are now called "Women" or "Women Superstars" and some pretty awesome matches took place over the past year, and not only did these women push themselves to the limit, but they also looked good doing it.

As we all know, the Money in the Bank match is a match that takes place every year, which used to take place at Wrestlemania, but now takes place at its own exclusive PPV named after the match. It's every man (or in this case, woman) for him (or her) self, and the goal is to get one of about fifty ladders around the ring and basically beat each other to death over a briefcase. Now, to those reading this just because your BFF shared it on Facebook or Twitter, I know it sounds stupid, however, the briefcase has a meaning: The briefcase can be used anytime for up to one year, and when used, or "cashed in" on a champion, the championship must be defended at that place at that time. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's go over a few things, and then I will make my predictions.

The Participants

The way that Money in the Bank works is that there are six or seven (maybe even eight) participants. However in this case (so far) there are only five participants: Tamina Snuka, daughter of WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka (Rest in Peace), Natalya Hart, daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and neice of WWE legend and Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Charlotte Flair, daughter of the 16-time world champion, WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Ric Flair, Carmella, and Becky Lynch. Of course, having Carmella in this match would mean a very awkward and unwelcome appearance by the ever-so-popular babyfaced scumbag, James Ellsworth, who will likely come across as a douchebag who finally grew a pair big enough to push a woman off a ladder, and will later be suspected to be Bruce Jenner in disguise, trying to get on WWE TV. On the June 20th episode of "205 Live" James Ellsworth will join the Cruiserweights for a WWE Network Exclusive interview with "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher, who will lecture Ellsworth over tea over how to properly be a gentleman. This will likely, of course, end in a pillow fight until Big Cass makes a special appearance to rip James Ellsworth limb by limb for coming onto his girlfriend.

Now, just a reminder: These women will be climbing ladders, and falling off ladders. In the past year, we've seen women's steel cage matches, a women's Hell in a Cell match (which, if you never saw the actual match you need to go watch NOW), the upcoming Kendo Stick on a Pole match between Bayley and Alexa Bliss (which will likely end with the non-surprising but still awful win from Alexa Bliss) and it's amazing to see how far WWE has come over the past few years, from "Bikini Battle Royals" and the Romance (which is coming back) and all those Playboy "___ on a Pole" matches to a Kendo Stick hanging from a pole, and while its clear that RAW hasn't improved much more than switching that item on a pole, what is clear is that Shane McMahon is doing a hell of a job with Smackdown. The roster isn't that great, but the matches make up for it. And in my opinion, with the roster given, it is very clear to me that the participants for this match were well chosen. With that, let me make my predictions for this match.

Who's the 6th participant?

Besides the already amazing five women chosen for this match, there are still a few more women both on the SmackDown roster, and those who are expected to make a return soon, who could very well be the final participant in this match, because to really make history is to follow tradition and have six participants in the match, and since Naomi is the current champion, it would not make sense to have her in this match as it would be obvious she would have to lose the match. Here are some women I think could make a return in this match

Eva Marie


While this would honestly be a really bad choice, Eva Marie is still due for that match on SmackDown, and nothing would draw more cheers than watching Eva Marie fall from a ladder. I'm really sorry, but most of you reading this hate Eva Marie for her lack of in-ring skills, yet she is still due for a match, so watching her return would piss me off, but it really wouldn't surprise me.



You are most likely reading this and shaking your head, but this is another entrant into this match that wouldn't surprise me. However, Lana has really never been given the chance to shine, and being in this match might be able to transition her into being on the roster full-time. Again, with all the other choices out there, this would piss me off a little bit, but I'd cool down after reasoning with myself, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit because that's what the McMahons like to do: raise your hopes and then disappoint you.

Nikki Bella


Nikki Bella is fresh off her (well-expected) marriage and is now stronger than ever, and while Nikki Bella is not the most extreme person in WWE today, she does call herself "Fearless" so maybe putting Nikki Bella in this match would give her a chance to put her money where her mouth is. And who knows? Maybe Nikki Bella could win the match if she doesn't hurt herself too bad.



Now I believe it's likely that you are more than happy to hear that Asuka would be my top pick to be in this match, as she has officially beaten Goldberg's undefeated streak, and is expected to make her main roster debut very soon. Also, if Asuka enters this match, everybody's life savings will be bet on her as there is a 100% chance she will win the match, and go on to rip the women's division to shreds, win the title and become the first ever NXT Women's and Smackdown Women's Champion at the same time. And for me, if Asuka comes into Money in the Bank I will tear my house to shreds and cry tears of joy because this PPV is two days after I get out of school for summer break, and nothing would say "welcome to summer" than by Asuka debuting and just kicking the shit out of everybody, because she is an ultimate badass.



I feel like Paige would get a mixed reaction between the people (like me) who really want her back and the people who think she shouldn't be in the match. Paige's return would result in her switch in rosters from RAW to SmackDown, and would actually be a bit of a surprise. Paige was part of the spark that ignited the whole Women's revolution, so I personally expect her to be in one of these history-making matches sooner or later, because eventually all possible match types to break history for the women's division on both rosters will be gone.

AJ Lee


I don't even care if AJ is in this match or not I just want her to return so bad, and before you go shaking your head in disgust, let me just remind you that you are one of thousands of people chanting "CM Punk" at WWE events. Let me just remind you: CM PUNK IS MARRIED TO AJ LEE!!! Don't you know if AJ comes back, it's guaranteed that CM Punk will return as well? And seriously, AJ is not that bad and would probably end up being a help in the process of the WWE Women's revolution, which if you think about it by the way, is still happening with all these matches taking place.

My Win Predictions

These predictions are for the current participants in this match

Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch has been a part of some of the history-making women's matches, including the Women's Steel Cage Match which took place on SmackDown earlier this year. She has proven herself to be a success in the field of ass-kicking. Becky Lynch may very well deserve the title "SmackDown's Badass" at this year's Slammy Awards because Becky Lynch goes above and beyond to give us the best matches of the women's division. Becky Lynch is one of my two top picks to win this match and go on to win the title.



It won't surprise you to know this is my other top pick to win the match, and if you pay attention to what Charlotte does it's clear why. Charlotte does not let her tall size get in the way of her amazing performance in the ring, and definitely takes after her father, and has taken that legacy and the moves with her, and she has pushed herself to be the best Flair she can be. Charlotte was a participant in the first Women's Hell in a Cell match along with Sasha Banks and delivered a great match. I don't see why, if Charlotte can climb up a 25-foot steel chain structure, why she can't climb a ladder and grab a briefcase, because compared to Hell in a Cell, climbing a ladder will probably be a piece of cake, and it would not surprise me if she did a moonsault off the ladder (which would be awesome)

James Ellsworth


It is likely that if Carmella wins this match it will be at the hands of the babyfaced scumbag we all know and love, James Ellsworth. Nothing will say "I love you" like knocking a woman off a ladder like a true ungentlemanly douchebag, and then paying the price when Big Cass appears on Smackdown to knock his ass so far out of the building he'll be back on the indy circuit wondering where he went wrong in life. Seeing this would make me laugh so hard I'll end up peeing my pants laughing on the floor knowing James Ellsworth has a target not on his back, but on his ass because that's what Big Cass will kick into Ellsworth's intestines after Money in the Bank as a lesson to never mess with his girlfriend. Ellsworth's last appearance, as stated earlier will be his interview with British Reporter Jack Gallagher as he interviews James Ellsworth for BBC News, while trying to get answers as to why Ellsworth is hanging from Big Cass's clenched fists by his underpants. This will, of course, be Ellsworth's ultimate shaming, forcing him into obscurity, and as a bonus, the unemployment line. As of June 21, you can find James Ellsworth researching how a human can camouflage with the cats at your local animal shelter

How do you think this year's Women's Money in the Bank match will end? Comment down below with your predictions and don't forget to subscribe to the WWE Network (which, by the way, is only ....... *everyone* "9.99!!!") and watch Money in the Bank on June 18th, because now this PPV will be truly amazing.

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