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You Need To Listen To This Cover "You Say Run" Right Now

The song that can go with everything gets even better as a heavy metal cover.

Cody Heintz 2 years ago

10 Nintendo 64 Games That Badly Need A Sequel

The Nintendo 64 had a lot of really good games. Though some of the games like Super Smash Bros and Paper Mario spawned mutli-game franchises others weren't as lucky. So lets take a look at the N64 games that deserve another entry.

Cody Heintz 3 years ago

The 17 Times Former Congressman John Dingell Was Awesome At Twitter

Despite being retired from Congress John Dingell has kept busy by being great at Twitter.

Cody Heintz 4 years ago

The Top 27 Baseball Movies

With baseball season in full swing lets take a look at the best baseball movies that Hollywood has to offer.

Cody Heintz 4 years ago

10 Snow Levels In Video Games That Will Satisfy Your Blizzard-Envy

At least in video games, blizzards come as promised.

Cody Heintz 4 years ago

Top 10 Game Funded By Kickstarter

We have all heard of the horror the stories of crowd-funded games getting cancelled, only the first half getting released to the game just failing expectations. Well it is about time to look at the Kickstarter funded games that are actually good.

Cody Heintz 4 years ago

5 Mecha Anime Series That Deserve More Attention

Over the years we have all heard of the Gundam, Macross & Gurren Lagan mech series. But isn't it time we give some attention to some shows that have flown under the radar.

Cody Heintz 4 years ago

The 10 Worst Video Game Controllers Of All Time

No matter how good a console is it won't matter if the controller sucks. We will only be looking at first party or official controllers this time so Mad Catz you are off the hook this time.

Cody Heintz 4 years ago

Top 5 Best Sports Video Game Characters Of All-Time

In some sports game there are certain teams that you know will win just because of one overpowered player. So, let's take a look at some of the best players to ever play in the digital world.

Cody Heintz 5 years ago

5 Terrible Seasons From Otherwise Great Shows

You have to admit that every once in a while your favorite show will have a bad episode. But, sometimes your show will have a season so bad that you wish you could forget about it.

Cody Heintz 5 years ago

10 Awesome Videos Of Cats Playing With Their Food

Don't you remember when your mother used to say don't play with your food? Well, these kitties never got the memo.

Cody Heintz 5 years ago

Top 5 Saddest Anime Deaths

We have all grown attached to an anime character to only have them killed off. Also be warned that there will be massive spoilers throughout.

Cody Heintz 5 years ago

Top 10 Most Hated Video Game Characters

There are just some video game characters that you despise so much that you still want to punch them even after you turn off the console. Well, here is a list of ten video game characters that will surely raise your blood pressure.

Cody Heintz 5 years ago

Top 5 Gundam Openings

The Gundam franchise has always had good openings and theme songs. So, here are my top five favorites from all across the franchise.

Cody Heintz 5 years ago

"Mobile Suit Gundam UC" episode 7 Trailer #2

The final episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn will be released on May 17th as the mysteries of Laplace's Box will finally be revealed. Now if only the Blu-Rays were a little bit cheaper.

Cody Heintz 5 years ago

Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories Zeonic Front PS3 Trailer

Here is the trailer for the remake of Zeonic Front that will be included in Gundam Side Stories: Missing Link for the PS3. Now if only Bandai would release this game in America.

Cody Heintz 5 years ago

The Five Best Mobile Suits From Gundam Build Fighters

Just because you are a Gunpla model doesn't mean you still can't kick some ass.

Cody Heintz 5 years ago

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Vs Kenny Loggins

This is what happens when Danger Zone and Stardust Memory meetup.

Cody Heintz 5 years ago

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Vs Attack On Titan

This is what happens when you combine the intros from Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta and Attack on Titan.

Cody Heintz 5 years ago

Reddit User Recreates The House From "Family Guy" In "Sims 3"

Reddit user Lajt- used the Sims 3 to faithfully recreated the Griffin's house from Family Guy. Now only if we could get the rest of Spooner Street.

Cody Heintz 6 years ago