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Top 5 Saddest Anime Deaths

We have all grown attached to an anime character to only have them killed off. Also be warned that there will be massive spoilers throughout.

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5. Neil Dylandy aka Lockon Stratos (Gundam 00)

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As in any Gundam series there will be many deaths and a lot them do hit you in the feels. The deaths of Emma Sheen, Lt. Matilda and Mu La Flaga are all pretty emotional but nothing compares to the death of the first Lockon Stratos in Gundam 00. Neil is finally given the chance to get justice for the death of his parents and sister against Ali al-Saachez but the shot doesn't completely destroy Ali's mobile suit so he is able to return fire and kill Neil. His death was so emotional that even got Setsuna to show genuine emotion.

4. Marco Bodt (Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan has the ability to give you a little bit of hope and then take it all back a second later. The death of Marco Bodt exemplifies this really well. As at the time of finding Marco's Corpse the Humans finally won against the Titans at the Battle of Trost. The thing that stuck out was sudden Marco's corpse appeared and how sadden Jean was by his friend's death. As Marco was ranked 7th in the 104th Trainee Squad his death also showed that even the very best could become Titan food.

3. Nicholas D Wolfwood (Trigun)

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Nicholas Wolfhood is still one of the best anime characters every created and his death is still very tragic. Wolfwood was a man of God but that didn't stop him killing to protect the innocent but after traveling with Vash for a while he learns that he doesn't always have to kill. However this would lead to his demise as he spares the life of his former master Chapel the Evergreen for only Chapel to become controlled by Legato which leads to Chapel shooting Wolfwood. What really made this death depressing is Wolfwood's last moments as he stumbles into a church and dies leaning against his Cross-shaped gun and mutters the words "I did not want to die this way."

2. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

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Even though there isn't proof that Spike died after his final Vicious the final episode of Cowboy Bebop is still one of the most emotional and intense episodes of any anime. After Julia is killed Spike does an one-man assault into the Red Dragon's headquarters. Even though he is badly wounded by the time he faces Vicious, Spike manages to kill him with a shot through the chest. After finally getting his revenge Spike barely manages to stumble down a flight of stair to be greeted by even more members of the Red Dragon Syndicate. With barely any strength left Spike raises his finger and says "Bang" to only then collapse on the floor.

1. Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist)

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Maes Hughes was the obvious choice for number one as it is still the most painful to watch in any anime. Hughes was probably the most likable character in the show which made his death even more dreadful to actually watch. Also, the fact that his death is so personal and done in such cold blood makes it very hard to watch

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