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Top 5 Gundam Openings

The Gundam franchise has always had good openings and theme songs. So, here are my top five favorites from all across the franchise.

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1. Ash Like Snow [Gundam 00]

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The is opening Gundam 00 is not only my favorite Gundam opening but also one of my favorite anime openings of all time. Not only am I in love with this song but I love how the visuals and audio mash up well to fit the tone of the show as well.

2. Shine in the Storm [Gundam 08th MS Team]

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The 8th Mobile Suit Team will always have a special place in my heart as does its opening.Unlike, other Gundam series that focuses on newtypes or the super soldiers of the military this series focused on the average soldier that had to fight and live in not so ideal condition. The opening highlights that with many scenes from daily struggle the soldiers from the 8th had to deal with their fight against Zeon.

3. Rhythm Emotion [Gundam Wing]

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Both of Gundam Wing openings are amazing but I prefer the second one. Personally, i think it is because you get to see all of the Gundams upgraded and that Wing Zero is a personal favorite of mine.

4. Dreams [After War Gundam X]

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After War Gundam X is a very under rated anime series and has never gotten the attention that it should have. And its opening is very good as well. As the opening instrumentals are awesome and will get you pumped up.

5. Stand up to the Victory [Victory Gundam]

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Despite this opening being one big lie about what the series would turn out to be. I still love how upbeat the opening is. It is also nice to actually see something happy before seeing your favorite characters get killed off each episode.

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