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The 10 Worst Video Game Controllers Of All Time

No matter how good a console is it won't matter if the controller sucks. We will only be looking at first party or official controllers this time so Mad Catz you are off the hook this time.

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10. PS Move & Xbox Kinect

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The number 10 spot is taken by a couple of Nintendo Wii clones. Not only do these controllers do a bad job of replicating the fun of the Wii but came out way after the motion control fad had hit the gaming world.

9. Sega Dreamcast Controller

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The Sega Dreamcast is an awesome console but its controller had some of the worst design choices possible. It only had one analog stick which had a really bad dead spot in the middle, a rigid d-pad that would cut into your fingers, only had six buttons when other competing controllers had eight and worst of all its wire came out of the bottom. And, don't get me started on the VMU.

8. Xbox Duke Controller

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When your controller weighs more than a new-born baby you know that you have serious problem. Also, you might have a problem when you are so big that only Andre the Giant could use you comfortably. The Duke Controller's d-pad was difficult & weird to use. Thanfully Microsoft came to their senses and released the Xbox Controller S, which was almost perfect.

7. Mattel Intellivision Controller

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Can someone please tell me how you supposed to use the disk without giving your thumb arthritis? Also when you place buttons on a controller they should be placed in a way that aren't a pain to get to.


6. RetroN 5 Controller

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The RetroN 5 is a pretty cool device as it allows you play games from many different old-school consoles like the NES, Famicon & Genesis all from the same device and allows you to create screenshots as you play. Thank god you can use NES, SNES & Genesis controllers with the RetroN 5 because the controller for the RetroN 5 is garbage with a cheap plasticly feel and a non-responsive analog stick. The console would have been better off not shipping with a controller and instead give the player instructions on how to find an old-school controller.

5. Tony Hawk Ride Skateboard

Activision / Via

You killed the Tony Hawk franchise. This piece of plastic destroyed of the best best franchises in gaming. This motion controlled travesty ruined one of the most fun gaming experiences from the PS1 & PS2 era of gaming. At least THPS 3 still rocks.

4. Philips CD-i Controller

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All of the controllers for the CD-i sucked and Phillips should feel bad for what they did to the Mario & Zelda franchises when they unleashed this monstrosity to the public.

3. Mattel Power Glove

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I know that the Power Glove is a third party controller but when you put it into the 90 minute commercial for SMB 3 known as The Wiz it means something. There are only two words to describe this failed experiment: So Bad!

1. Atari Jaguar Controller

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It is just upsetting to look at the Atari Jaguer and its horrible, horrible controller. Whoever designed this controller is a sadist. Also, having numbers on the gamepad never turns out well.

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