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Top 10 Most Hated Video Game Characters

There are just some video game characters that you despise so much that you still want to punch them even after you turn off the console. Well, here is a list of ten video game characters that will surely raise your blood pressure.

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10. Baby Mario (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)

So after being sacrificed countless times in Super Mario World, Yoshi finally got his chance in the spotlight in Super Mario World 2. However, Baby Mario had to enter the picture and had to ruin everything. If you are not careful and get hit you have the pleasure of hearing the horrendous cries of Baby Mario until 10 seconds pass and he is taken away from earshot.

9. Eric Sparrow (Tony Hawk's Underground)

Even though you saved his life from a gang and forgave him for stealing your skate video Eric Sparrow would still find a way to stab you in the back. Even he Ditches you in a Russian prison you manage to get the last laugh when you elbow him in the face.

8. Bubsy (Bubsy series)

The worst thing about gaming the 90s was dealing with characters that had attitude. And, Bubsy was the worst character when it came to having attitude. If you were one of the unlucky ones to play Bubsy 3D you were probably driven to point of blind rage whenever Bubsy opened his mouth.

7. Willow Pape (Kim Kardashian: Hollywood)

So you becomes friends with Kim Kardashian and are beginning your climb to stardom when a certain person by the name of Willow Pape enters the picture. Thinking that you are trying to steal her ex she makes it her mission to make your life a living hell. From crashing your events to trying to prevent you from buying clothing stores she will do anything to prevent you from becoming an A-List star.

6. Your Rival (Pokemon series)

So you decided to pick Charmander as your stater Pokemon well your rival thought it was a good idea to pick Squirtle as his starter. Always trying to one up you, your rival will do what it takes to prevent you from becoming a Pokemon Champion and Master. At least you can name him Butthead though.

5. Natalya (Goldeneye)

Escort missions generally suck and are especially sucky when the person you are trying to protect has a death wish. Goldeneye for the N64 is a great game but trying to protect Natalya was one easy way to make us rage quit.

4. Tom Nook (Animal Crossing series)

If you thought Mr. Krabs was Greedy then you have never met Tom Nook. As soon as you begin a new game of Animal Crossing you are forced to buy a house and have to take out a loan from Tom in order to pay for the house. And that starts the cycle of you owing Tom money and then being forced to run his errands until you pay off your debt. To make things worse he also does home renovation and owns the village's only shop so no matter what you do you are never completely free of this pesky raccoon.

3. The Dog (Duck Hunt)

A hunting dog is supposed to help you hunt not mock you when you have a bad day. After seeing this dog smirk one too many times it almost makes you want to hack your NES cartridge just so that you can shoot him in his face.

2. Slippy Toad (Star Fox series)

Even though Falco might be a jerk at least he can handle himself in combat unlike a certain toad. Any time you enter your Arwing you can be sure that you will have to save Slippy's life at least a dozen times. To make matters worse Slippy's voice is so annoying that you wish you were deaf by the 5th time Slippy calls out for help.

1. Navi (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

"Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen!" By the 7th time you hear this line you begin to hate Navi more than Ganon. Despite being summoned to help guide Link on his quest to save Hyrule you begin to contemplate death just so that way you do not have to hear Navi speak every time you press the Z button.

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