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5 Mecha Anime Series That Deserve More Attention

Over the years we have all heard of the Gundam, Macross & Gurren Lagan mech series. But isn't it time we give some attention to some shows that have flown under the radar.

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1. Armored Trooper Votoms

Bandai Visual / Via

It really is a crime that Armored Trooper Votoms isn't more well known as it is probably the realest of any "Real Robot" anime . Votoms has cool mech designs and has one of the best stories that I have ever seen in any anime. This series is perfect for those that want a gritty anime with political thriller elements.

2. Patlabor

Sunrise / Via

In Patlabor the robots aren't being used for combat but are instead used for law enforcement. Despite having some slow pacing in the begining this series does take great care to explain the backstory and intricacies of the mechs. Despite there being two different continuities both the movies and TV series are really well done and both should be watched.

3. Gasaraki

Sunrise / Via

Even though the first couple of episodes are kind of confusing don't let it stop you from enjoying this pretty realistic mecha anime. Also, the way they use news reports to help tell the story is pretty cool as well.

4. Tekkaman Blade

Tatsunoko Production / Via

If you have just watched Blue Gender and wanted another where humans use mechs to fight disgusting bug like monsters then Tekkaman Blade is for you. This show is not afraid to pack on the feelings as you watch humanity fight a losing battle for survival.

5. Super Dimension Century Orguss

Big West / Via

Orguss got the short end of the stick when it came to the Super Dimension Trilogy as it wasn't used in Robotech and has been forgotten about since the '80s. This series has some really cool battles and action scenes. It also has a interesting story that needs to be checked out by newer audiences.

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