Creepy Dolls From Doll Based Horror Movies

Some scary dolls from doll based horror movies! first post, go easy on me.

1. Baby Oopsy Daisy

This creepy little bugger can walk, talk, and even shit his pants! and his dress is adorable.
Movie:Demonic Toys

2. Chucky


He’s fricking creepy. I only saw the first 3 movies not the last 2, though I should for john ritter :(
Movie:Chucky series (not sure which one)
and in case that didn’t freak you out enough……

3. Chucky #2 (just in case the first one didn’t freak you out enough)


Everyone wants a good guy doll, don’t they?

4. All the dolls in the movie Dolls (1987)


Stuart gordon is one creepy bastard for making this!
Movie: Dolls (1987)
I haven’t seen it yet, just a clip and the trailer. not sure if I ever will.

5. Mr.sludge From Dolls


And he doesn’t look happy that your making fun of his outfit.
Movie:Dolls (1987)

6. Dolly Dearest (may very well be chucky’s gf)


It’s time to play!
Movie: Dolly Dearest

7. Clown Doll From Poltergeist


I can’t even…
I never watched it, so fucking creepy.

8. Ventriliquist Doll from Magic (1978)


just no.
Movie: Magic (1978)

9. Any Doll in puppet master


Movie:puppet master series

10. Tiffany from Chucky


Not as scary
Movie:chucky series

11. Dummy from dead silence


Creepy motherfucker
movie:Dead silence

12. Dolls From Doll Graveyard (2005)


I saw this and laughed my but off when the doll gave the guy a blow job XD
Movie:Doll Graveyard

13. OOGA BOOGA!!!!!!!!!!!


Movie:Doll Graveyard


14. Pinochio’s Revenge

mhhhmmm, I’m coming for you snooki!

15. Now he’s escalated because you wouldn’t give him cookies.




17. Talky Tina


Show:Twilight Zone

18. Slappy



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