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Gays & Lesbians Don't Belong in Nursing

One week after sending this email, the clinical instructor failed the student. The appeals process has dragged on for Four months. It became sadistic when the email was posted on a few weeks ago. The College and the clinical teacher received hate emails. The college sent the student a "Cease & Desist"letter, threatening legal action if the student continued to "[spread] information that is false, defamatory, or that could cause prejudice to anyone at the college." However, after sending this "gag order", the school felt that it was necessary to inform the student's Nursing classmates that the student was "suing the school for homophobia" (at that point, it was just an academic appeal, which is supposed to be confidential). The student was not out to everyone. The school felt it was their responsibility to out the student. The culmination was when the student attempted and failed to commit suicide. The college demanded a Medical certificate with a diagnosis, [which is never detailed in a doctor's note (privacy, confidentiality)], for their "investigation" to proceed. The teacher in question, continues to teach - tenureship giving her immunity - including the right to discriminate. Four months later, the college has yet to make a decision on the student's appeal.

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