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11 Extraordinarily Inspiring Acts Of True Love

Everyone needs #ReasonsToBelieve that love is out there. These people confirm that it exists in all forms, and how they prove it will leave you in awe.

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1. The grandparents who finally got to take their wedding pictures.

© Cambria Grace Photography / Via

After being stood up by their wedding photographer 61 years ago, Donald and Dorothy Lutz's family organised an Up-inspired photo shoot for them. The resulting images give you even more feels than the film.

2. The paralyzed girl who was determined to walk again.

Craig F. Walker / "The Denver Post" / Getty Images

After a debilitating accident, Mackenzie Gorden was told she’d never walk again, but she didn’t accept that. Her sister said she wouldn’t get married until Mackenzie could walk down the aisle, and that’s exactly what happened.

3. The pair who saved each other from the brink of death.


When Lorraine Fisher was told that her hardworking lifestyle was killing her, she decided to take a relaxing trip to Thailand. That's where she met Red, a homeless dog who was in danger of being caught and euthanized. Months later, Lorraine flew Red to the U.K. where he helped reprioritize her life. They're both enjoying their happily ever after.

*Please note that the photo above is not of Lorraine and her pooch*

4. The man who wrote a love song for his deceased wife. / Via Green Shoe Studio

After Fred Stobaugh's wife of 75 years passed away, he entered a songwriting contest on a whim. He was never a singer, but wanted a special way to pay tribute to the late love of his life. Want to see why the song was so amazing? Watch the video.

5. The man who tried to rekindle the flames with an online ad.


In 1973 a first-year student at NYU spent a whirlwind few days with a girl he met while waiting for the bus. They parted ways without exchanging contact info, and he spent the next 30 years thinking about her. He eventually went on to write one of the most beautiful Craigslist Missed Connection ads that ever was.

*Please note that the photo above is not of our Craigslist Casanova*

6. The unlikely duo who became a family.

REX USA / Caters News Agency Ltd / Via RexUSA

After baby elephant Themba lost his mother, the folks at the Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa didn't know what to do. That was until he met Albert the sheep. Albert took Themba under his wing, and the pair became inseparable.

7. The couple that changed together.


Arin Andrews and Katie Hill aren't your ordinary teenage couple. They met in a support group for transgender teens, fell in love, and supported each other while transitioning together.

8. The devoted pair who lived to tell their tale.

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

When Cecil Williams fell onto the subway tracks in New York City, his guide dog Orlando jumped right after him. The fearless pooch stayed with Mr. Williams until they were able to be rescued.

9. The couple who loved language as much as each other.

bluebirdsandteapots / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 7374469@N02

In 1845, Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning fell in love before they had even met in person. During their yearlong courtship, they sent each other over 500 love letters and eventually married in secret, against Elizabeth’s father's wishes.

10. The woman who helped her husband move on.

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A month before she passed away, Brenda Schmitz wrote to her local radio station asking that a gift be given to her husband, but only after he had remarried. Three years later her wish was fulfilled, leaving Mr. Schmitz and his new wife incredibly grateful.

11. The couple who never stopped loving each other.

Mark Lovewell / Vineyard Gazette / Via

When Cynthia Riggs and Howard Attebery first met, they were working in a lab where they'd pass cryptograms back and forth. After 60 years apart, Ms. Riggs received a mysterious letter and decoded it — It was from Howard and read "I have never stopped loving you.” They eventually met in person, where Mr. Attebery proposed after an hour.

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