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10 Cute Facts That Will Brighten Up Your Bad Day

We all need reasons to believe that the world is a great place — especially when we're having a not-so-great day. Liven the mood with these little tidbits and share with us your #ReasonsToBelieve.

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1. Otters have slumber parties, and you're going to want an invite.

Barcroft Media / Getty Images

Sort of. Whenever it's time for an otter to take a nap, it grabs a partner by the hand and holds on tight so it doesn't drift away while snoozing.

4. Male Gentoo penguins propose with pebbles. / Via

These little tuxedoed gentlemen will find the smoothest pebble around and place it in front of their potential mate. If the female penguin agrees to the proposal, she'll take it and put it in her nest for safekeeping.

6. Did you know cows have best friends?

waniuszka / shutterstock

They especially love hanging out and gossiping with each other. OK, maybe the last part isn't true, but shouldn't we be looking into making some oversized friendship bracelets for them?

7. Pigs are great at overcoming adversity.

Tom Benitez / Orlando Sentinel / MCT

When Chris P. Bacon's legs wouldn't work, a nice veterinarian made a special wheelchair out of toy parts. He's now all grown up and still wheeling around, as happy as can be.

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