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Coca-Cola’s TikTok Challenge Has A New Dance By Jalaiah Harmon And A New Song By Khalid

#ShareTheMagic with this new challenge.

Coca-Cola collaborated with incredible artists to create their new TikTok challenge #ShareTheMagic.

Khalid smiling with a bottle of Coca-Cola

Multiplatinum global superstar Khalid's new song "Open" is the soundtrack of the challenge. It celebrates openness and togetherness, and it's perfect for dancing.

Dancer and creative artist Jalaiah Harmon created a brand-new dance to go with it.

In addition to working with Khalid and Jalaiah, Coca-Cola is also highlighting other amazing artists on TikTok by working with BIPOC creators to share the challenge.

A black-and-white photo of Jalaiah Harmon

Check out some amazing #ShareTheMagic TikToks from creators below:


Sharing some real magic in ASL 🤟🏾@Coca-Cola US asked me to #ShareTheMagic so here’s what I created. Enjoy! #fyp #ShareTheMagic

♬ Open - Khalid feat. Majid Jordan


Sharing our magic through @Jalaiah🚀🐐💕 dc!✨🌬 #ShareTheMagic @Coca-Cola US #fyp

♬ Open (feat. Majid Jordan) - Khalid

Ready to try it? Make a TikTok doing Jalaiah's dance and share it with the hashtag #ShareTheMagic. Not a dancer? You can still join in on the fun by sharing any TikTok set to Khalid's song "Open."

A group of people doing cheers with Coca-Cola.

Check out more #ShareTheMagic TikToks here!

All images via Coca-Cola.