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I Cut Breathing Out Of My Diet For A Week. Here's What Happened.

The Results Were Amazing.

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When I heard about this health challenge from a friend, I initially thought they were crazy. Giving up breathing for a whole week seemed like a difficult, if not impossible, task. I have breathed nearly every day since I was born, so to give it up entirely for seven days was unfathomable. However, as my friend explained to me, and as I would later read, it turns out breathing has many negative effects on our health. With each breath we take, we inhale toxins from the outdoor pollution that enter, and disrupt, our bodily system. Many people don’t realize the negative implications of breathing every day because it has become so natural to them. After understanding this, and in accordance with my new year’s resolution to try to attain better health, I decided I would try to eliminate breathing for an entire week. That means no oral or nasal breathing. None whatsoever. Nothing in and nothing out.

Despite my nerves, I began my week of no breathing last Monday. I could feel the effects on my body almost immediately. Right away, I felt a sort of shortness of breath. A bit later, I began to feel light headed, like I was almost about to pass out. I almost cracked on my challenge right there and took a breath, but I was committed to finishing the week. I was able to make it through this rough stage and finished day one with almost no further complications.

At the beginning of the week, many of my normal daily activities became increasingly difficult. Also, I couldn’t explain to coworkers and friends what I was doing, because that would require taking a breath. Such activities like eating and drinking were also not possible. However, I was able to spend time doing other things I love like reading and going to the gym, but those too were made difficult by not breathing. However, each time I considered giving up the challenge, I thought about all of those dirty toxins entering my bloodstream, which motivated me to continue my challenge.

After the third day, when I felt like all was lost, I turned the corner. The positive benefits of the no breathing challenge began to emerge. I felt like I had increased energy, increased satisfaction of my life, and best of all, I felt like I was truly myself. The old Coby was gone. A new motivated, individualistic, and prosperous one had taken his place. As I walked down the streets, I saw so many people breathing in and out. To those of you who have continued breathing, this is not an article saying that you should necessarily stop. This is an article telling you to simply consider both sides. I, too, thought it was a crazy notion. However, I’m incredibly happy I did it. I do plan to breath every once in a while, maybe weekly or so, but I do not plan to breath on a regular basis anymore. I’m a stronger and healthier individual now.

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