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5 Ways To Keep In Touch With Friends From High School

The end of high school is a good way to cut ties with people you were not that fond of, but what about the friends you aren't ready to part with? Here are five good ways to keep that bond strong.

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# 1 Use Social Media

This one is great because it doesn't even require you to interact with them, it just means that when you get on to check your Instagram or Facebook, spend a little extra time on your friends' pages to see what they are up to on a regular basis.

# 2 Make a Group Chat

If not everyone in your friend group has an iPhone, iMessage can be a bit iffy to use. I recommend combating this by downloading GroupMe. It's really easy to use and it's a great way for everyone to stay connected at any time.

# 3 Plan to Visit each others' Schools for Birthdays

This one is fun because you accomplish two things in one-visiting a friends' college and celebrating their birthday with them. It's an easy way for everyone to make themselves available because you already know when each others' birthday are, so it gives plenty of time to ask off of work or make sure all of your assignments are finished before that weekend.

# 4 Write Letters

Who doesn't love to receive mail? And who doesn't love to receive mail from close friends? This is more personal than sending a text or calling them on the phone. It is something they will keep forever. You could make this even better by sending some little school spirited item with it.

# 5 Plan a Trip Together

If your friend group is anything like mine, this last one will be the most difficult to accomplish. There are six of us total, and we all go to six different colleges. Luckily, they are all in the same state so we try our best to make it work. Our fall breaks and spring breaks rarely line up, and if they do, it is never all six of them. So, instead, we opt for planning massive sleepover over Winter break and summers, when we are all home. It makes going home for the holidays all that much sweeter.

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