The 10 Things I Hate About You Characters You Wanted To Be

Don’t lie, you either wanted to be Kat or Patrick from the 1999 movie “10 Things I Hate About You”.


Kat always had the best snarky comments.


Patrick was a BAMF.

With a heart of gold.


Kat was a feminist before feminism was cool.


Patrick was that guy that had enough connections to get anything done.


Kat had no shame for standing up in what she believed in. She even kicked a guy in the balls for grabbing her ass. Who hasn’t dreamed of doing that at least once?


You wish you could come up with one liners like this on the spot:


Kat was mature in a way that some of us wish we were in high school.


When Patrick made a friend, he genuinely cared about them and wanted the best for them.


Likewise, Kat actually did care deeply for Bianca, and always wanted what was best for her sister, even if she had to coddle her to make her point.


In the end, Patrick did get the girl.


And Kat never had to change who she was to get her guy.

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