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America’s Best Cities for Happy Hours

Which cities offer the best happy hour scene?

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  • 12. Phoenix, Arizona

    Venues offering happy hour: 1,411 Happy hours per sq mile: 2.7 The city is heavily influenced by Mexican culture and although tequila and margaritas are in no short supply, the city hosts a wide variety of happy hour selections to help cool off from the desert heat.

  • 11. Orlando, Florida

    Venues offering happy hour: 361 Happy hours per sq mile: 3.6 More than just home to SeaWorld and Disney, Orlando is an important economic center for the region and hosts over 150 international companies, opening up a range of opportunities for happy hours to thrive.

  • 10. Detroit, Michigan

    Venues offering happy hour: 672 Happy hours per sq mile: 4.7 As America experiences a “happy hour boom,” establishments in Detroit may have additional incentive to draw customers in with reduced prices.

  • 9. Hoboken, New Jersey

    Venues offering happy hour: 63 Happy hours per sq mile: 31.5 Although it’s one of the smallest locales in this list, Hoboken, New Jersey — an up-and-coming town situated across the Hudson River from New York City — has perhaps the densest concentration of happy hours in the country.

  • 8. Austin, Texas

    Venues offering happy hour: 639 Happy hours per sq mile: 2.2 The defense industry and high-tech sectors dominate Austin’s economy while the 50,000 students at the University of Texas at Austin keep the bar scene vibrant.

  • 7. Denver, Colorado

    Venues offering happy hour: 1,318 Happy hours per sq mile: 8.5 Denver and its surrounding area is home to a large number of local and national breweries, ranking 1st in the nation in beer production per capita and second in number of total brew houses.

  • 6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Venues offering happy hour: 643 Happy hours per sq mile: 4.5 In addition to its hoagies and cheese steaks, the city of Brotherly Love offers a wide variety of food and drink spots, from high-end restaurants to breweries.

  • 5. New York, New York

    Venues offering happy hour: 1,726 Happy hours per sq mile: 3.7 The city features the nation’s most diverse happy hour selections, which offer consumers a vast amount of options - 1,726 to be exact - happy hours are just steps away in every direction.

  • 4. Seattle, Washington

    Venues offering happy hour: 1,203 Happy hours per sq mile: 8.5 Although Seattle is best known for coffee, the city is also a great place for other types of beverages, especially those enjoyed during happy hour.

  • 3. San Diego, California

    Venues offering happy hour: 751 Happy hours per sq mile: 2.0 San Diego ranks third in the nation for happy hour, thanks largely to the city’s 16 1/2 block Gaslamp Quarter - San Diego’s dining, entertainment and urban shopping district - which boasts more happy hours per square mile than any other neighborhood in the country.

  • 2. Washington D.C.

    Venues offering happy hour: 880 Happy hours per sq mile: 12.9 With a vibrant young professional crowd, several colleges in the area and a majority of working professionals active in the local bar scene, Washington DC certainly deserves to scores highly.

  • 1. Portland, Oregon

    Venues offering happy hour: 803 Happy hours per sq mile: 5.5 Portland’s beer culture runs deep in the city, as it boasts more breweries than any other city with 28 and the city’s visitor’s association is promoting “Beervana” and “Brewtopia” for potential nicknames.