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    Harry Potter: What If It Was All In His Head...

    ...what if, get ready for it, Harry Potter (the boy who lived and all that jazz) was nothing more than a depressed, downtrodden kid whose natural defense against loneliness and depression was to use his imagination.

    Harry Potter is a boy whose parents were tragically killed when he was just a baby.

    He's forced to live a very sad life of abuse. His room is a cupboard under the stairs.

    His guardians are his unsympathetic uncle and aunt who just don't understand him.

    He's bullied at school too, not only by his classmates...

    ...but by his teachers too.

    And he's totally in love with the hot girl at school...

    ...and fantasizes about her all the time.

    He has a thing for a lot of girls actually.

    In his head, Harry's a bit of a slut.

    He wants to escape his butt of a situation any way he can.

    Except he's a total cynic. He refuses to get close to people. In order to avoid the reality of his situation, he uses his imagination.

    First, by writing and sending himself a shit ton of letters from "Hogwarts," a school of "witchcraft and wizardry."

    Then, he creates Hagrid who whisks him out of the "muggle" world and into the world of "magic" where people understand him.

    The rest is history and FAR too detailed to explain in a few GIFs.

    He's not only seeing dead people; he's seeing IMAGINARY DEAD people which is totally not a good sign.

    Like his parents. He still sees them and feels their presence. Not in the metaphorical sense, but literally.

    And even they are telling him it's all in his head.

    And though he likes to pretend to the outside world that he's a hermit, that he prefers a lonely and solitary existence...

    ...he's trading in the bullies at school...

    ...for the new, more menacing bullies of his mind's creation.

    He still has to put up with "evil," but in his world, he has FRIENDS who understand him...

    ...a servant...

    ...and FAMILY.


    Experiencing bizarre and paranoid DELUSIONS

    DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR aka thinking he can talk to snakes

    A peculiarly phallic OBSESSION with wands



    RECLUSIVENESS and CONCEALMENT - pushing people away and preferring to be ALONE

    Feeling ANGRY all the time

    When anger dissipates, APATHY sets in


    Either in their singularity or in combinations.


    Post-traumatic Stress Disorder


    Multiple Personality Disorder

    Wicked, right?

    Perhaps one day, with the right treatment, Harry will wake up and realize... was all one big dream.

    Don't freak out. This is just a theory.