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9 Disneyland Shortcuts And Secrets

You’ve had a pass for…How long? Really? Well did you know the following 9 facts about the theme park? If not, you may want to reconsider bragging about how well you claim to know Anaheim's Wonderful Land of Disney.

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1. Single Rider Line

We’re starting off the list with a not-so-secret shortcut. Don’t want to wait 120 minutes for Splash Mountain? Go around the side and tell the cast member that you're a single rider. They’ll slip you to the front, and you'll be on the ride in less than 10 minutes. Most rides at the park have this feature. The only downside is that you probably won’t be able to ride with your friends.

2. Win the New Cars Ride


You heard me. YOU CAN WIN THE NEW CARS RIDE. You thought it was pre-programmed to randomly pick a winner? Wrong. All you have to do is lean into the curves, and get your fellow riders to play along as well. That’s is. Works every time, and works like a charm.

3. Dole Whip


Ok, so it may not be a complete secret, but most people go straight for the Gibson Girl ice cream on Main Street when they need a sweet treat. The Dole stand, located right outside the Tiki Room, sells a healthy(er) alternative – fresh pineapple, pineapple floats and pineapple frozen yogurt available in very few places other than Disneyland and Hawaii's Dole plantation. Hint: go into the waiting area for the Tiki Room to cut the long line.

4. Hidden Mickeys

Disney loved his Mickey so much that he placed Mickey symbols all over the park, including on rides not belonging to the Mouse. Go through the Snow White ride and see how many Mickeys there alone you can find.

5. Pin Trading

Disney has always sold collectible pins, but it was in 1999 that pin trading became successful with the Millennium Celebration. Cast members and other guests alike wearing lanyards enjoy the game of trading pins. What happened to the autograph books?

6. Cat Patrol


Every night, after the Jungle Cruise has docked for the night and the pirates have put away their swords, the cats come out to play. Literally. Disneyland employs dozens of feral cats that roam the park to rid it of any rodents that may be hiding. The park has five feeding stations where the cats rest during the day while visitors are out. Who'd have thunk that Mickey Mouse would be friends with the cats.

7. Club 33


Tucked away in New Orleans Square near the entrance of the Blue Bayou is a little speak-easy that’s been servicing elite members for decades. Club 33 is so exclusive that it takes over ten years to get off the waiting list. Once you’re offered membership (if ever), you have to fork over $10,000 for the initiation fee and $3,500 a year thereafter. But the food is divine and the bragging rights are infinite.

8. Toy Story Cast Members


The “Toy Story” characters like Woody, Buzz and Jessie roaming the parks would once drop to the ground and play dead anytime someone nearby would yell, “Andy’s coming!” Apparently they’re no longer allowed to drop to the ground, but they will freeze or go limp when someone yells the warning.

9. Driving the Mark Twain


That’s right. You can commandeer the Mark Twain riverboat. What you have to do is ask the cast member at the front if you can see the wheelhouse. They’ll direct you to it, then knock on the door marked “Private.” The captain of the Mark Twain will answer and guide you up a special ladder to the actual wheelhouse where you may be allowed to steer, ring the Mark Twain's bell and sound its whistle!

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